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Band / Artist Name: The Tights

Genre: Punk Rock

Location: London

Albums: TV,WORK & BED,Bad Hearts / Cracked / It, Howard Hughes / China's Eternal, Blood & Flowers ' and ' 7707 '

Inspirations: Ramones, The Damned, The Heartbreakers, Sex Pistols, Kraut Rock


Join date: 31-07-09

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More about The Tights

The Tights Named allegedly after a Brummie punkettes from Barbarellas ripped tights. The Tights were active on the local Worcester scene which wasn't a seething bed of punk in early 1977. Though they approached major labels no interest was forthcoming and the band never toured and had no real contacts in the record industry. Instead they explored the only avenue left which was recording. They made two singles for the Cherry Red label. Pick of the bunch is Bad Hearts /It/ Cracked (1978). I defy you not to be swayed by the catchy chorus and buzzsaw guitar of Bad Hearts. Other single was Howard Hughes / China's Eternal (1978). Pity there wasn't more. Recommended. (Bio Info taken from


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