Desolenator: Transforming sunshine into water

Source: Indiegogo

Help us develop the most affordable and environmentally friendly water purification technology ever!


Key features include:

  • high performance solar panels
  • embedded boiler and pump
  • remote monitoring system
  • food grade materials
  • robust casing and alloys
  • unit is ready for use anywhere (coastal, high TDS / contaminent / arsenic/ saline groundwater etc. scenarios)


Desolenator will provide families with the ability to turn salt water and contaminated water into pure drinking water. The technology has the potential to provide water independence for up to a billion people living in coastal and water stressed areas - using the power of the sun alone. Join our journey to disrupt the global water crisis!

Purchase a perk, reserve your Desolenator or sponsor a product so you can provide water independence for a family for 20 years!


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