FFR UK Presents Reggae Punk Mondays


Madame JoJo’s , London

Big City, bright lights certainly applies to London but beneath the bold superficial surface lays a throbbing musical heart and uniqueness which provides a constant dynamic exploration of sound and passions. For that a canvas is needed for the inspirational flames to unveil their thrilling adventures and FFR UK creates the capital’s most potent stage as they continue to fire up the passions with Reggae Punk Mondays at Madame Jojo's, ATOMOXETINE long term. Buy ATOMOXETINE online no prescription, Continually stretching their reputation weekly as they administer to insatiably eager audiences the best established and underground musical invention in sound and artists, FFR UK continue to prove that their fingers are on the pulse of the freshest musical imagination and heart bred honesty with a night which sees the Ruts DC DJ Set steering the strongest vital sounds and the return of the legendary Jona Lewie.

14 oct new

DJ Segs

segs dj

The night is cored by the renowned DJ Set of SEGS from Ruts DC, the event’s resident DJ driving the night with sounds and artists which provoke, ATOMOXETINE online cod, Buy generic ATOMOXETINE, inspire, and inform the senses and passions of what crucial scintillating music is all about, purchase ATOMOXETINE online no prescription. Buy ATOMOXETINE without prescription, From the legendary Ruts, the equally innovative Ruts DC, buy no prescription ATOMOXETINE online, Buy cheap ATOMOXETINE, the mouthwatering Alabama 3, and being one of the true pioneers of collaboration and enterprising inventive music who has played with the likes of Mad Professor, ATOMOXETINE gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, ATOMOXETINE natural, Aztec Camera, Rat Scabies, buy ATOMOXETINE from canada, Doses ATOMOXETINE work, Mick Jones, The Beatles, where can i buy ATOMOXETINE online, After ATOMOXETINE, Tony Visconti and many many more over the years, Segs as well as creating essential music recognises it in others and his set throughout the night will only feed the hunger for that breed of exhilaratingly inventiveness.

The Duel

the duel new

THE DUEL provides the breath-taking invigorating energy which always comes with a snarl and inciting provocation, is ATOMOXETINE addictive. ATOMOXETINE interactions, Feverishly working on their fifth album, the successor to the acclaimed “Soundtrack To The End of The World ( The Zak Splash Story)”, buy ATOMOXETINE from mexico, Canada, mexico, india, the London quintet seem to have an even greater spring in their stomp and antagonism to their sound which is driving UK punk rock to greater heights. This ensures another feisty, confrontational night where expectations have no place in the venue and emotions are dealt a healthy dose of revitalising quality.

Jona Lewie

jona lewie

JONA LEWIE is an award winning songwriter, producer, and musician whose greatest moment for most was within the emergence and heyday of Stiff Records in the late seventies to early eighties, BUY ATOMOXETINE OVER THE COUNTER. It is only part of his illustrious career though, buy cheap ATOMOXETINE. ATOMOXETINE mg, From playing piano with blues legend Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup, the artist hit the charts with his self-penned Zydeco hit ‘Sea-Side Shuffle’ in 1972 whilst the seasonal classic ‘Stop the Cavalry’ which has left a legacy which permeates every festive end of year, ATOMOXETINE from canada, Get ATOMOXETINE, and the singles ‘You Will Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties’ and ‘Louise (We Get It Right)’ to name just two, have equally made Jona one of the endearing, where to buy ATOMOXETINE, Order ATOMOXETINE no prescription, unique, and limit pushing artists of British songwriting and music, ATOMOXETINE natural. Buy ATOMOXETINE online no prescription, With a new album on the near horizon, with songs from it in his new live show, the Ivor Novello winning artist returns to leave another indelible imprint on not only the night but UK music.

Folk Grinder

folk grinder

If not enough to tempt the passions, FFR UK also bring to the night a musical triptych of individual seduction from London based Folk Grinder, The Last Chanteuse Paris born ANNE PIGALLE, and riveting trio THE REBELLES, all encounters to ignite the imagination and fire up the heart. Carving out sea shanty bordello rock 'n' roll to exploit any appetite, Folk Grinder consists of Koozie Johns and Miro Snejdr with occasional other guests. BUY ATOMOXETINE OVER THE COUNTER, Formed in 2010 the group captured the emotions and thoughts of a greedy fanbase with their album of demos titled 'Faith in hope, love and salvation', whilst stage performances as this night will reveal, continue to leave enthrallment a greedy response.

Anne Pigalle

anne pigalle

Anne Pigalle grew up in Montmartre in Paris and spent her teens playing guitar in an all-girls punk band. Moving to London she became hailed as the Queen of Chic Bohemia, whilst touring Europe and Japan and creating an iconic image with her self-styled photo of 1985 which saw her in front of the red velvet curtain, saw her creative stock rise. The nineties found her in LA developing her film ideas before a return to London led to further acclaim for her experimental music pieces and songs, erotic poetry, paintings and some beautiful self-portrait polaroids which were exhibited at the Michael Hoppen Gallery (the show Amerotica voted 4th best in The Times in 2006 ). She is truly one of the most distinct and influential multi-media artists who continues to push and challenge, as shown by her latest madame Sex Art Cd, a home-made hand-painted protest against the generic world of music and art combining some new songs and a selection of erotic poetry.

The Rebelles

the rebelles

Consisting of Tracie Hunter, Anna Randall, and Phoebe White, The Rebelles are ever riveting successful solo and backing artists who have shared stages, studio, and screen with more greats than speed bumps in the heart of London. Forging a magnetic presence and sound with their sultry mix of vocal styles and musical backgrounds, the trio as the night will unveil is an exultation waiting to happen in the loins of rapture.

Compared by the irrepressible Bart Barton as The Spirit oF Andy Warhol, FFR UK Presents Reggae Punk Mondays climbs to another peak in its range of triumphs as it maintains its presence as the most inspirational and ravenously exciting night of the week in the nation’s capital.

By Pete RingMaster


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