Ruts D.C. at The Garage Oct 25th

They say there is a time and place for everything, and without doubt Saturday 25th October at London’s The Garage, will be a night when the city’s music scene explodes for one of its most thrilling adventures this year. Presented by Home Grown in association with Satellite, the night will see the legendary RUTS D.C. unleash their inimitable and inspirational ‘dubbed out grooviness’,a sound to leave feet and emotions romping with relish.


Ruts DC was formed in 1980 by guitarist Paul Fox, bassist John 'Segs' Jennings, and drummer Dave Ruffy, emerging out of one of punk’s most inspirational bands-The Ruts. Starting with their first album 'Animal Now', the band was soon sculpting new templates for the imagination and for emerging bands to feed upon. It was with the following 'Rhythm Collision Volume 1' though that the band truly began exploring a new style of music and awoke new untapped passions in fans and music alike. The years between the band’s end in 1983 and reunion in 2011 still saw them continuing to inspire, whilst a special emotional gig at the Islington Academy in2007 with Henry Rollins joining the band (including Paul who would soon after succumb to incurable lung cancer) has gone down in the Capital’s musical history. The release of 'Rhythm Collision Volume 2' on the band’s return saw that Segs and Ruffy were still crafting a sound as vital and innovative as ever. Live too; playing both Ruts DC and Ruts classics, the band continues to leave audiences aflame, ensuring that Saturday will be imposing another indelible pleasure on those present.


The Ruts DC



Alongside Ruts DC, there will also be the double doom voracity of Preston sextet EVIL BLIZZARD, a band unleashing the irresistible bait of four bassists and a singing drummer within a sound as ravenous as it is adventurously unique. The night’s thrilling trio of bands is completed by THE DUEL, another boundary pushing proposition setting new standards with their blistering now wave punk rock. Hitting new pinnacles with their recently released new album ‘Waging War’, the Londoners are sure to leave a lasting fire in ears and evening.



With the potential to produce one of the year’s most scintillating events, Saturday night already has the city drooling in anticipation and fans clamouring to be part.

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