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Ok. Here's the news about the new album.  We were in the studio yesterday recording one more song which will be the seventh.  A real rockers that one. Titled Last man Standing.

The album nicely coming along and is more live orientated than Erase The Tape.  ( So watch this space for some updates on whats to come.

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    We are now playing live. The next Strum gig will be on the 5th of November at The Dublin Castle. Then it will be the 11th of November at Sinbin The Plough & Harrow E11, Then The Lunar Bar Leytonstone E11. for the launch of our new album “Last Man Standing”
    We are also having a documentary filmed and we are looking for unsigned bands to film as part of this Documentary of the current London Scene. So if you are interested you know what to do. Thanks for reeding this.

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