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JOHN OTWAY – Beware Of The Flowers

Published on Nov 8, 2012 by cherryredgroup

JOHN OTWAY Really Free Gig

01 Beware Of The Flowers

via JOHN OTWAY – Beware Of The Flowers – YouTube.

TV WORK & BED – The Tights – COMING SOON!!

By Alison – Bubblegum Slut Zine
Issue 36

[caption id="attachment_4130" align="aligncenter" width="170" caption="The Tights"]
Though they have a heck of a punk story to tell (signed as teens in ’77, resulting in the first release on the now legendary Cherry Red label and a glut of good press)
The Tights have somehow fallen between the [...]

Jon Robb Of Goldblade Release’s New Book.

Death To Trad Rock! – The Post-Punk Fanzine Scene 1982-87

In the mid-Eighties, as Thatcher turned the screw and the charts overflowed with what felt to many like the most boring pop music ever made, the underground exploded. The post-post-punk scene was a diverse collection of bands brought together by independent releases and a never-ending series [...]