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BBC Radio Leeds Johnny Rotten Protest Interview

RIP Malcom Mclaren

RIP to a man who changed the face of music for generations.

Tribute from ADAM ANT

Message on Sex Pistols YouTube: 8/4/2010

Last night PIL played on Jimmy Kimmel. Today, the New York Times announced that Malcom McLaren, the man behind the Sex Pistolsand Adam & the Ants and BowWowWowhas died of mesothelioma at a hospital in Switzerland. [...]

Bombsite eZine ; December 1977 For The Record

The Sex Pistols played their last UK date on Christmas Day 1977 before they split, and below is a listing of the crap that 99.9999% of the UK population were listening to at the time. Later, 50% would deny tuning in to all of this rubbish and would swear they were all following the Clash on tour. For those who remember Saturday Night Fever was released in December 1977, disco fever!

London Punks By: Andy Rosen

Rock and Roll Portraits
I was a rock photographer working in London 1976-1984. I worked for Record Mirror, Sounds, NME, The Face, Blitz and many Record Companies.
This is my private collection.

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