‪CCTV video: Nissan GT-R ‘kamikaze’ rams cars in central Moscow‬‏

‪CCTV video: Nissan GT-R 'kamikaze' rams cars in central Moscow‬‏.

Uploaded by on 11 Jul 2011

Russian blogosphere is buzzing about a video of a crazy car crash in central Moscow that went viral on the web. The incident took place last week in central Moscow when a speeding Nissan GT-R, worth some $160 thousand, rammed into cars parked along the street. The impact was powerful enough to literally throw a jeep into the air. There are no reports of injuries - or the identity of the driver. It's not clear whether the driver was street-racing with another car. Some bloggers have already claimed they've seen the car the evening before driving at a speed of around 200 km/h.

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