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A Year on the Manchester Music Scene: 1999-2000

By Louie Shelley. Foreword by Pete Shelley.

‘A Year On The Manchester Music Scene’ is the collected writings of Louie Shelley (no relation to Pete), a freelance journalist who was commentating on the north-western cultural scene at a crucial time in the city’s development.

Included are articles about Manchester favourites such as Buzzcocks, The Fall, Tony Wilson [...]

FFR UK Reggae Punk Mondays 24th March 2014

Striving to bring the very best thought and passion stirring provocations that punk and rock can muster, FFR UK unveil another inspirational and thrilling REGGAE PUNK MONDAY night at the 12 BAR CLUB on Monday March 24th. With music, bands, and creative endeavour to wake up London’s nightlife, this is another FFR UK presentation not [...]

”Keith Richards On Keith Richards” Review

Keith on Keith kinda confused me at first, l was thinking didn’t he just write a
book detailing his exploits in his personal memoirs Life, however all is revealed to be not the case. This is a story of keef through various interviews throughout his musical career totally downright and very open insights into his [...]

FFR UK Reggae Punk Monday 24 Feb 2014 Gig Review

You thought only Nick Cave and Johnny Cash could do murder ballads? Wrong, take a listen to Larry Love (Alabama 3) and Brendan O’Connell (Ghostflighters) and revise your thought processes! But more of them later as we hit week 3 of FFRUK’s reggae punk nights, which are decanting the essence of Friday into Mondays! First [...]

FFR UK Reggae Punk Monday Gig Reviews

Following on from their award-winning residency at Madame Jo-Jo’s in Soho, FFRUK’s Reggae Punk Mondays moves across Tottenham Court Road to the 12 Bar club, to continue its eclectic mix of live and spinning sounds.
Week One sees a full house for the first acoustic performance from RUTS DC in 37 years! Prior to which [...]

China’s War on Pollution will be Fought by Smog-sucking Drones

Drones will shoot chemicals into the air that will freeze pollutants and cause them to fall to the ground. Spending a day in some cities in China has the same effect to lung health as smoking 3 packs of cigarettes.

Explosion in NYC

At least six people have died and several are missing after a gas leak sparked an explosion which levelled two buildings in New York City.

You are 99.99999999% empty space

Engineering Whiz Kid Invents things using Broken Parts from Bins

When MIT discovered Kevin, he was living in utter poverty. But that didn’t stop him from building something amazing..

Giving Bouncers a Taste of their Own Medicine