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Peter Hook is not only a fantastic bass player and songwriter he is also brilliant at telling stories and his approach to writing his book about the Hacienda is very fun filled considering all that went on in the era of Madchester and Acid house. The Hacienda club also called Fac 51 ran for fifteen [...]

Rebellion Festival For A Day

Speeding my way to Blackpool on the train, what a luxury and it’s a nice change, usually l get the coach up, this is ok but can be draining on the soul but at least it’s a means to getting there and a whole lot cheaper, but l have to say I’m preferring the train [...]

2014-09-10 – FFRUK REGGEA PUNK with SEGS – THE RUTS (DJ SET) THE HOMOSEXUALS, THE SMOKES, DENNIS JUST DENNIS & More TBA + The Spirit of Andy Warhol – The Intrepid fox – UK

2014-11-14 – The Ruts DC – Dundee – Buskers – Dundee

Big Star

l got into Big Star quite late, the first time l remember hearing them must have been about 1989 when l was staying at a friends flat in London, l remember going through my friends cassettes which mostly consisted of hip-hop from New York PIrate radio shows, anyway l came across a tape that had [...]

Vinyl Report

Oh the hassle of trying to find the sleeve that holds the 7″ inch disc in your record box. You may even forget what it was you were looking for as you fumble along, skimming the sleeves to find your choice, and it must be so much easier fingering your MP3 player looking for that [...]