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Morrissey Autobiography

Morrissey is someone l have always struggled with, but in recent times l have softened and l have come round to the world of all things Morrissey related, and you know what? lm glad l did it.

So here l am tackling his autobiography, and his book is indeed worthy of high praise, why? well because [...]

Every human being on the planet deserves and should watch this if they love to live !!

I & I The Natural Mystics

This book has been a long time coming in my view, and what a great book it is, finally we have the story of the main Wailers, and we get much much more about their backgrounds.l was wondering if there was a book discussing the three wailers, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and Bunny Livingston and [...]

The Roxy Book

I wonder if you can get a degree in punk rock studies, l’m sure it is possible, l mean, in the way it is a part of history, it did happen so why not. In schools today they teach history mainly on things like Nazis and the decline of london through plagues and fires and [...]

Strum “Erase The Tape” Debut Album

This is to let you know that the very first album of the band Strum “erase The Tape” will be available on your favourite digital shop from the week of the 24th of November on Spin Records UK. To preview the album there four songs on our main site. Thank you.

Shopping Centre

Shopping Centres

I’m so overwhelmed, when l get [...]