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FFRUK Music TV – Series 1 – ‘Soho-Enders’

The first of a series of TV shows . Featuring musical talent and untold stories from the UK’s credible bands and artists who are living their art from their heart and who you wont see on the likes of X Factor!

Presented by : Segs Jennings & Tara Rez Feat: The Duel, The Gongs, The [...]

The Bells

It is so unreal where l live, don’t get me wrong, in fact it’s a nice peaceful part of London, that l dwell in, and it would be just picture perfect, if only one thing would suddenly disappear, and its the sound of Clang.

Why? must we have the sound of bells everyday, l just can’t [...]

2015-02-20 – FFRUK Reggae Punk – The Intrepid fox – UK

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