A Year on the Manchester Music Scene: 1999-2000


By Louie Shelley. Foreword by Pete Shelley.

'A Year On The Manchester Music Scene' is the collected writings of Louie Shelley (no relation to Pete), a freelance journalist who was commentating on the north-western cultural scene at a crucial time in the city's development. Included are articles about Manchester favourites such as Buzzcocks, The Fall, Tony Wilson and Elbow. There are interviews with local artists and authors, and features about city-centre venues and out-of-town cultural enclaves. There's the odd, insulting-but-humorous record review, and also the occasional slightly tongue-in-cheek article, such as the 'Guide To Comfortable Clubbing'. And the foreword – by Buzzcocks' Pete Shelley – is the icing on this satisfying retrospective cake.

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