ALI TREKI must be dethroned

by Angie Bowie Barnett

Who thinks there is no more work to be done to secure a kinder and more gentle world?

Do you know that 80 countries actively prosecute homosexuality?

Do you know that 66 countries uphold the freedom of alternative sexuality?

Did you know that Ali Treki has been installed at the United Nations?

ALI TREKI must be dethroned.

Did you know that he is against the decriminalizing of homosexuality?


Any UN spokesperson who is EXCLUSIVE as opposed to INCLUSIVE is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Any country whose religion is part of the law, thus any country that accepts or welcomes SHARIA LAW is not ACCEPTABLE under the United Nations BILL of HUMAN RIGHTS.
NOT THE UN NOR ANY ORGANISATION/GOVERNMENT who treats homosexuals as criminals belongs in the 21st century or the future of the planet.
NOT ACCEPTABLE means we don’t trade with them, we don’t negotiate with them, we refuse to accept their misogynistic view of the world.
Any country who treats women as property or denies education to children of a secular variety as opposed to the brain washing provided by some religious dogma; any country that denies birth control information (and specialized female medicine to care for the health and well-being of women) OR who treats homosexuals as criminals does not belong in the 21st century and the future of the planet.
Should we destroy these countries as they have destroyed the lives of the majority of their constituency with their with discrimination, bias, bigotry and prejudice?
NO VIOLENCE should never be considered!
Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Ghandi achieved freedom from the British Empire and threw off the Afrikaaners and apartheid rule by NON VIOLENT PROTEST & SOCIAL ACTIVISM. We must organize. We must overcome this trend of radical, unkind religious prejudice against our own society’s members.
No, violence is not in our game set.
WRITE, SING, DANCE overcome the drought and famine in the lesser developed worlds, install schools and medical care.
Oh right I remember:
that’s what we are trying to do in the Western World.
We are trying to recover from the devastation wreaked by the Christian Coalition and 30 years of going backwards.
The bigots decided if they waited long enough. the survivors of WWII would die. The younger generations would not remember that these World Wars were fought for the individual freedom of the generations that came after. These wars were fought for the right to be yourself and say and speak without fear that your opinion would not be held against you in the free exchange of ideas and opinions.
Now thanks to the INTERNET we have the technology to track every single person on the planet, know their shopping habits, where they go and what they do. In about 50 years they will install the DNA recipe as a barcode on your arm. Thanks to the Nazis we can wear our medical records, our poor credit scores and our education will be uploaded into empty and vacant chunks of brain space. We have plenty of challenges in the future without having the added embarrassment that we don’t own and love and accept everyone of society’s members.
How about this? Instead of wasting time and money supporting the criminalization of homosexuality in the 80 countries who pursue this aberrant , rampantly flawed way of thinking, let’s spend the money shining some light on how life can be without pressure or servitude.
Take the air out of the tires of power.
I am tired of waking up every morning and there is some new scandal, drama, political embarrassment or faux pas which fouls my day and interrupts my creative concentration.
It might be an idea to consider Stalinist or Maoist re-education techniques.
We seem to be emulating every other stupid idea from the past, might as well try that.