All The Rage By Ian’ Mac’ McLagan

Ok before we start, this book may well be out of print, l know l had some hassle in tracking this down but never the less l got a copy and l know it's hardish to find but it's so good that you need to give it a go. This was published in 1997 when there were still record companies and you still went into shops to purchase CD's, wahey perhaps. This book is all about the exploits of Ian'Mac' McLagan who by all rights is the man to go to when you need that authenic Wurlitzer electric piano sound for your Blues/Soul based Rock n Roll stuff, don"t believe me? then check out "Tin Soldier" by The Small Faces, "Stay with me" by The Faces and "Miss you" by The Rolling Stones. Ohh he's a prime mover this fella and he's written a great memoir here, it's full of stories from his life and it's all rather splendid. This is not really a biog of his musical history, more tales of woe and happiness, this book is full to the brim of allsorts of adventures in his musical life, for example there's a great story about the Small Faces hit 'ltchycoo Park' and how they had to come to terms with playing this number live, you know the part in the song after the line 'Be Nice and have Fun in the Sun' where the the drums come in and its got phasing as the drum rolls, well it was such a crucial part that it was almost impossible to reproduce this live as this was a time before backing tracks or samplers, so these nutters the Small Faces thought it would be cool if they recorded the sounds of aircraft flying to recreate the whoosh on a mono cassette tape recorder, then put the aforementioned Tape recorder on stage miked up on top of McLagans Hammond Organ and when the drum part comes in he would press play and hopefully this would create the effect required, needless to say this did not quite work and l'm sure they had a right laugh about this. Ian Mclagan is not only a great Hammond organ player, he is a mighty fine storyteller regaling tales not only from the already mentioned bands he has graced the stage or recording studios with, we get stories about the New Barbarians, Bonnie Raitt as well as many others. Please if you want a biog about his bandlife, probably best to get The Faces book 'Had Me A Real Good Time by Andy Reid if you want to have rock n roll stories then this is a must, although have to admit 'Had Me A Real Good Time has good stories in it, l think "All The Rage" is better and more personalised. Ian still plays with his own band the Bump Band they just played at the Half-Moon in Putney l missed this gig as l was away but heard it was excellent. ( Ian playing with the Small Faces) Chris McDougall