Amy Winehouse Admitted To Hospital

Quite rightly Mitch Winehouse points out the fact that when a victim addicted to illegal drugs desperately wants help, the only solution the system seems to gives them is ‘commit a crime’ so that you can be pushed up the queue for treatment. This is not acceptable!!!

A desperate cry for help, but a small price to pay for a victim desperate for treatment.

We must stop pushing addicts in with the same box as criminals, if you label a sick person a criminal then you are cursing their very life with a destiny that no one would wish on their own child.

We know the UK governemt are trialing giving Heroin to Heroin addicts – this is a thing we shoulp praise the goverment for and encourage them to continue in this path making educated decisions  for the need for medical treatment for addicts for the good of the addict, the people around them and ultimately the society. .

Drugs have been here from begining of time, turning a blind to its consequences and causes will only bring increase calamity and control of its distribution in the the wrong less scrupulous hands.

Lets hope soemthign positive comes from all this.  Yes MPs its a vote winner doing the right thing !! 😉

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  1. Posted 25th October 2009 at 17:56 | Permalink

    its only a”lucky” few who were on the trials
    the high price is due to Drug company Dueopoly only two companys control Diamorhine
    market and they overcharge(opium is cheep to grow an heroin cheep to make!)
    But i would not want to get a hit in a Hospital unit ,you only have so many chances to get a vein
    Do not forget most addicts wait months or even years to get methadone or subutex and if torys get in they want to stop that !??
    we need good easy access treatment for all users and for as long as they need it.