An Astronaut’s View Of Earth: What Was Once Beautiful Is Now Dead (Thanks To Humanity)

Source: trueactivist By Sophie McAdam Featuring breathtaking images and a strong message that we really need to fix the damage we have done, before it's too late Col. Chris Hadfied is an astronaut who has seen first-hand the destruction of our planet from space. Sailing through the Southern Lights was a mind-blowing experience, but on subsequent space journeys he has noticed the devastating effects of climate change and population growth. “You can see some of those effects from space; you can see them with your naked eye,” he says. Hadfied talks about the ugly smog over Mexico City, and how the Aral Sea in Asia transformed from the fourth largest sea on Earth to what he calls a “puddle” in just twenty years. “We did this on purpose, as a species,” says Hadfied. “We’re obviously changing the climate at a global level.” So who can we blame? “We can’t wait for some other person to change it,” states Hadfied bluntly. “They don’t have the imperative to do it, especially if we elected them. You can’t say them, or him, or it. It’s us, or me, or I that has to make the change.” Please consider sharing this beautiful and profound interview.