The Valentine’s Polka 2010



We are a dos system. Two is better than one. It is better to have someone to watch (and massage) your back and let you know when your objections are sound or frivolous! Hermits and bachelors, spinsters and solo acts abound but not in the same numbers as couples or partnerships.

Some of you Glitterati may have heard of a book called POP.SEX I am writing/have written. (I guess until it‘s published ‘am writing’ is true) POP.SEX is crammed with information on everything about love and partnership, straight, gay, and everything in between. I researched the book my entire life and then spent 8 years writing it here in Tucson. Growing up in the 1950s, not even in America, really, growing up in Cyprus with a faint recall of all things American, was a historical treasure-trove. But America was alive in my mind; I lived there while my dad was at Montana School of Mines getting his degree in mining engineering (1950-1953) then again in 1957 in Boise, Idaho for a year at St. Mary‘s to take my first communion. The music and the movies were statement enough of the FREE world. There were great cars, chic fashion advertised by film and movies, magazines and an economic class system that guaranteed equality of sorts. The embarrassment of the House of Un-American Activities and the isolation of the United Soviet Socialist Republic (The USSR) by the Iron Curtain, the threat of death by nuclear holocaust receded when romance was in the air. Thus does Love trump all other emotions. In the 1960s Switzerland, America and England were my Western World ports of call. Cyprus is considered the crossroads of the world and so it was my entrée to the Middle East. What Cyprus lacked in consumer profligacy, it made up for by being an international meeting place. Our bullying was all about freedom fighting against the colonial occupation of an occupied sovereign state. Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia…oh, who are we trying to fool ? The whole world balances on who took what property from the other guy? How long they were able to hang onto it until the original inhabitants reappear and stake their claim? The planet is full of such stories. When imperialist countries invade smaller less powerful countries, they usually commit genocide to clean the real estate of those who remember to whom it actually belonged. If one is fortunate enough, not to be cleansed, one is usually no longer welcome. The process of emigration moves ethnic populations all over the world. Tragedy and absence, youth and doom are the other vital requirements for a memorable love story. Shakespeare’s 1562 tale of Romeo and Juliet would be of little consequence were it not for the rivalry of the Capulets and Montagues whose disapproval helps the tragedy of young love unfold. West Side Story retold the tale, basing it in gangland. Titanic is another doomed love story of class and conflict. So what has changed? Nothing! Young girls still think they are important when men fight over them and then get bent out of shape when the same men beat the heck out them because they didn’t prepare the food correctly or domestic chores are not their thing. Most educational systems, with their emphasis on sports, are meeting the requirements of the Department of Defense, cannon fodder to protect the government and citizenry from marauding imperialists who might move in and confiscate our real estate! And they cater to educating the consumer--reading prices and labels. Men dream of being the millionaire bachelor served by a different bomb-shell every night. ‘Scherezade and the Tale of the Thousand and One Nights’ is a hard tale to trump. Every man wants a harem and every woman wants peace and security so she can raise and educate her children. Women and merchants are the sole reason we have a civilization of any sort on this planet. It’s pointless to rant and rail against capitalism when we have already tried collective philosophies applied to government models and they cannot work. People like to own shit as witnessed by the mortgage debacle after spinning a lie to the folks saying that the American dream and the British dream is that everyone should own a little chunk of land. Why couldn’t the Western dream be a dream of getting along with everybody. I’ll tell you why. Because no matter how one tries to convince oneself that everybody is fabulous and we should love them all…every now and again you find yourself in a terrifying situation and you realize that not everyone loves you, you are dirt to them and they’d as soon kill you as look at you. The population on this planet is exploding. The Chinese are planning five cities of a billion inhabitants each. Owning anything is backward thinking, renting, leasing, minimizing the footprint, chasing the stars, these are the modern future. And what about LOVE? Love makes the world go round someone said. I know that star-ship adventurers will hold the image of their loved ones etched into their hearts because humans are mammals and we are wired that way. Ten thousand years has not changed the reproductive process; we’ve added a few perks, test-tube babies and what have you. Basically romance is all about the candlelight, the dancing the hand-holding and the touch of cheeks as we search to kiss. Love is an opiate and to love profoundly is an important commitment to feeling the total range of what life has to offer. No love can be wrong and no tender moment should be regretted. We are all somebody’s Valentine and if we are not we should be.I am totally comfortable sending Valentine's to myself when need be! Feeling special and appreciated lessens the pain of mortality. Festive living is a prerequisite to the big love, smiles and laughter. Happiness and joy are enchanting emotions to witness in a loved one’s face!Kiss the one you're with! Let’s party on, dudes and dudettes! Love Angie

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