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The fantastically named Debutant Disco are already making a big noise. The four-piece band with an international line up based in Madrid have broken on to the UK gig circuit in the last few months since their debut gig - a rapturously received support with X-Ray Spex at The Roundhouse last September, which made it a family affair as Debutant Disco singer Celeste Bell is the wonderful Poly Styrene’s daughter and shares her mother’s poetic vision, sharp world view and knack for writing tight, punchy melodies. A post new wave power pop with ska, soul and punk influences sounds bang up to date and is the perfect vehicle for Celeste's lyrics which concern rampant consumerism and the implications of being a woman in today's technological jungle. South Londoner Celeste formed the band with guitarist Matt Wilson from Glastonbury and teamed up with bass player Vitaly Franco from Peru and unconventional drummer Richard Libeton from Holland. This mixture of personalities makes for their highly original sound. Debutant Disco are one of the most talked about new bands on the European underground.

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