Barbaric sale of live, packaged turtles by Tesco

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The horror of Tesco selling live, packaged turtles in their supermarkets.

Naturally, there’s an online petition about it all, which you can read and sign here.

The petition says that the undersigned are:

“absolutely horrified at the barbaric sale of live, packaged turtles by Tesco (and other massive supermarkets most of us use) in China and demand that you set an example and STOP this horrific business NOW.”

Supermarkets like Walmart & Tesco are putting living TURTLES in plastic packets, piling them on ice on shelves to suffer a prolonged death.

Tesco is responsible for all stages of these creatures’ tortured existence from being farmed in terrible conditions, packaged in boxes to live on supermarket shelves gasping for life, to their customers’ no doubt random slaughtering techniques. When the turtles are killed in the shop they are butchered by having their heads cut off and crushed with no pre-stunning. At times they don’t die for a hour.”

“It gets worse, one can also buy live baby turtles in water as a key ring and live bull frogs, kept in heartbreaking conditions.The suffering inflicted on these animals is so extreme that if it took place in the UK, Tesco directors would undoubtedly face criminal charges.”

Tesco-LogoMillions of people have spent billions making Tesco what it is, but would they have if they knew of Tesco’s total disrespect for animal welfare just to make money?

In addition, the practice is environmentally destructive, contributing to the rapid extinction of the Chinese soft shelled turtles which are increasingly being used to supplement farmed turtles.

If you would like to hold Tesco to account and demand that they reassess their business ethics and stop selling live creatures in their supermarkets, there is a petition you can sign here.

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