BBC 4s Punk Britannia

FR020311JOHN-5A new TV series explores punk’s history and the legacy it left in British music and future culture that spread through out the world. The history of punk rock, Punk Britannia, the 3part series from BBC 4 , Tells the story of the truth behind the punk scene and everything it achieved. “We wanted to show how disparate and kaleidoscopic the whole era was,” explains the series’ producer, Ben Whalley. “Punk was this amazingly transformative cultural force, which is still being felt. It wasn’t necessarily all nihilistic and against everything. There was so much positive energy about it, too, and it created so much wonderful music.” John Lydon and Mick Jones from the clash, and a host of others including Billy Idol,Pete Shelly to the Specials. And also die hards such as the Adverts Well Worth A watch. Available on Iplayer And Friday Nights ,A Refreshing Change To The Rubish That was The Jubilee.