Jah Wobble’s B.I.L.L. – Under Water (Spielwiese Zwei)

As the wonderfully quirky John Lydon carries on touring with PIL, we wonder what Jah Wobble is up to these days - and here is what we found. His new project B.I.L.L BILL is an acronym for the combo of Clive Bell (Jah Wobble), Hans Joachim Irmler (Faust), Jaki Liebezeit (ex-Can) and Robert Lippok (To Rococo Rot). After the quartet played together for the first time at the Klangbad Festival in 2010, they reconvened at Faust's studio as part of that legendary group's ongoing 'Spielwiese Scheer' project. 'Spielwiese Zwei' consists of seven instrumental jams, roving between the 4th world secret rhythms of 'Glassbamboo' and the pattering percussion and panoramic ambience of 'Miles 2001', to the brooding neo-classicism of 'Das Boot' or 'Lovely Ending' and the sophisticated almost-techno pulses of album highlight 'The Thrower'.