Calling all Zeros fans – Javier Escovedo news..

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javier escovedo

Calling all punks and music lovers. You guys and gals remember The Zeros? The US band that were more often than not referred to as The Mexican Ramones. They kicked about the LA scene and played with the Germs and Weirdos before getting their debut single released on Bomp in 1977.

If that doesn't ring a bell then maybe some people will have heard the name due to Robert Lopez being a member. He's the man that went on to become El Vez. The hip swivelling Mexican who did mash ups before mash ups were invented. Anyway it's a small world because today I got an email asking if I would be interested in releasing founding member Javier Escovedo's album. Unfortunately whoever provided my contact details forgot to mention that I don't have a label. However I don't see why that should stop the album coming out somewhere at sometime though. So all you punks out there. Lets get it on. This albums also features Brian Young (Fountains Of Wayne) on drums; Joe Bass (Posies) on bass; and Josh Schwartz (Beachwood Sparks) on guitar, vocals and recording console, John Contreras on cello Dave James on guitar Eliza Randazzo on violin and Victor Penalosa on guitar and vocals. Keyboards were handled by Brian Lebarton (Beck) and Matt Beck (Rob Thomas). Rick Parker at Sandbox did additional recording. Now that's class. How it hasn't been snapped up already is a mystery to me. If anyone is interested in releasing the album, or knows of anyone that might be then get in touch. If you don't know anyone then still get involved and repost a link to this. Check Javier out here on facebook You can also give the album a listen on his page to. Personally if I had the cash I would have this album out tomorrow. Lets all get behind this very talented man and make a dream come true.