Carnival After Show Special


Hi there

This week we have the following updates :

You can watch the new short video about our 4th week in Soho here

Reggie Madame JoJos 19th August 2013

If your local come on & be apart of our Soho’enders! :
This week’s Info event:

Or tune in on your computer/laptop or iPad at 8pm tonite :
Monday 26 Aug 2013 at UK time 8PM:

With thanks to regulars ♥ To THE DUEL RUTS D.C, ANGIE BOWIE, GINGER COYOTE, FFR UK, SARAH PINK, The Spirit OF Andy Warhol & Madame JoJos & All The Guests.

Wishing you all a happy positive week!

Love Tara

Live video from your Android device on Ustream