Cat-Astrophe by Rick Hunt & Angie Bowie


By Cherie G. Porter

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The dynamic combination of writer/animal activist Angie Bowie with the remarkable Native American visual artist Rick Hunt has produced an entertaining, fun, and memorable illustrated tale full of humor and adventure that contains poignant statements on larger social issues affecting humans and animals alike. This is truly a book that can be read (and should be read) by humans of all ages. It is perfect for sharing reading experiences between parent and child as well as a should be/must be included items in any veterinarian or animal shelter waiting room.

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Author Angie Bowie lends her lively, witty, charming, and fine-crafted literary style to a subject matter that is deeply personal to her due to her long-standing involvement in animal rights and animal rescue. The book gains depths from that very personal and intimate connection with the animal world. The paring of her writing with artist Rick Hunt is a perfect blend with his artistic vision carrying a decided fine arts quality to what might otherwise in other hands have been merely an “illustrated book.” This book will certainly gain reputation as a highly collectible demonstration of the powerful team effort of two legendary literary and fine arts figures.


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