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Relics from a Lost Era: How Big Biz Will Get Rid Of Alternative Culture If You Let Them

You must have heard about how in the last 10 years the council has shot down legendary UK venues such as the 12 bar and Madame Jojo’s in the Soho area, where UK subculture thrived for hundreds of years before.

Maybe you have thought that soon, there won’t be a place where you can hang out after a tiring day at work. Because if things keep changing so fast, the beating heart of London will soon be replaced by retail money grabbers of soulless corporations.

What they don’t know is that the highest bidder won’t keep London alive. It’s something that local people do. And here’s some proof of that.

The UK’s Tin Pan Alley – A Place Once Home To Anyone

We are, of course talking about Denmark Street, where The Rolling Stones, The Sex Pistols, David Bowie and Small Faces used to hang out, getting their first demos ready or just having fun.

Up until recently, you could see bands, DJs, cabaret and all kinds of unusual entertainment. It was a place where people could enjoy complete creative and sexual freedom and break away from the stigmas of everyday society.

It was a place well and alive with music gigs of all kinds to choose from. But if you visit a few years from now, the only choice you’re gonna get is to shop at Tesco or enjoy a drink ’til 11pm, then it’s off to bed with you.

It’s like someone up there declared that this disease of individuality must be stopped once and for all…to give way to mindless consumption and a force-fed, boring middle-class lifestyle.

But There’s Still Hope For Alternative Culture

Even though the council shut down local venues, they can’t get rid of its people so easily. We are still out there, even though somewhat scattered and sometimes directionless.

At FFR UK, we want to gather under one banner anyone who’s into different subcultures, let that be punk, folk, goth, reggae, hardcore or anything that goes against the norm. The goal is, to get together so we can organize  amazing, fun music nights with live bands anywhere.

We also want to keep some memories of our favorite venues and share them with you. So we (Tara Rez of The Duel and Segs Jennings of The Ruts/Ruts DC) went out to interview some fine people who were still active in the music life of Soho before the end.

On our Youtube Channel dedicated to counter-culture reports, interviews, and live music gigs you can check out and share what may be the last records of something great and unique.

You will remember to never give in to the pressure of big businesses and their wicked allies. Stick to where your heart is at. The sound of our guitars will break through the silence and our people will be free to enjoy life once again.

Freedom Faction support Ruts DC at The Waterfront, Norwich 12/12/2014

Freedom Faction

Freedom Faction, FFRUK’s first signing, are supporting the mighty Ruts DC at The Waterfront in Norwich on Friday 12th Dec 2014. Freedom Faction are an old-school punk band with a modern edge, many varied influences combine into a frenzy of quality noise that’s not to be missed. There isn’t much to say about the Ruts – simply one of the best outfits to emerge from the early punk scene and still a force to be reckoned with today.

Venue: The Waterfront, 139-141 King Street, NR1 1QH Norwich, Norfolk

Event info:


Solid Entertainment Presents

poster100 club 5

Performing at the 100 Club London On the 21st of July. This will be a night to remember!!!!!!!!!!!

In bringing a class-action lawsuit against Universal Music over digital music revenues, musicians trigger a big objection from Apple.

Steve Jobs

Aftermath Records, a division of Universal Music Group, is about to go to trial in a case that will determine what money is owed over digital music to producers of many hit Eminem records. Meanwhile, in another case — a class action against UMG brought by many musicians including Rob Zombie, the estate of Rick James, and others — the plaintiffs are demanding to see trial exhibits, expert reports, depositions and other documents from the Eminem case. The discovery request has brought a strong objection from Apple Inc., which is trying to shield these documents from coming out. Among the evidence being sought is a deposition of Steve Jobs, which when it was first produced, led to the extraordinary move by the judge of ordering most everyone out of the courtroom, including UMG’s employees.

The lawsuit from F.B.T. Productions, producers of many hit Eminem recordings, against Aftermath has been closely watched in the music industry since the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals determined that the plaintiff was correct in asserting that a contract between the parties should be read as treating digital music as “licenses” rather than “sales.” The two sides are about to go to trial to figure out exactly how much that is worth.

PHOTOS: Apple Products in TV and Movies

Because F.B.T. already has had much success and is at a more advanced stage — a trial on the threshold questions was held in 2010 — the plaintiffs in the class action want access to the documents produced in that case for their own litigation against UMG.

But Apple is resisting, filing an objection to a motion to modify a protective order.

On the eve of the F.B.T. case, almost all documents in the case have gone into lockdown. Ever since THR published a leaked audit that highlighted the millions of dollars at stake, the parties have become super-protective of evidence in the dispute, and the judge has been willing to accommodate the immense secrecy.

The musicians in the class action want to pierce the veil, but Apple contends that depositions given by Jobs and senior vp Eddy Cue, as well as other documents related to Apple’s business relationships with UMG and other record labels, are “highly confidential and proprietary trade secrets.”

In support, Apple points to the fact that when the depositions were taken, many individuals, including UMG employees, were sent out of the room. When Jobs’ deposition was played before the jury, the judge also closed the courtroom, ordered many people to leave and had the transcripts from the trial sessions filed under seal.

In the class-action suit, which recently survived another attempt by UMG to dismiss, the judge directed the parties to meet and confer and file a motion in the F.B.T. case to seek relief from a protective order.

Apple, however, says the plaintiffs haven’t shown how the requested documents are relevant. Instead, Apple faults the attorneys for the musicians bringing a motion for documents that is “broad but indiscriminate.” If the documents are released, the company says it will experience competitive harm.

Source:Hollywood Reporter – 4/30/2012 by Eriq Gardner



Rock’s Legendary Angie Shares Her Past and Interviews Glam Rock Legends
Alice Cooper, Kim Fowley, Cherry Vanilla, and Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple

Actress, singer, author Angela Bowie has just signed a publication contract for
Lipstick Legends, her time machine voyage to the era of the 1970s when Glam Rock was
all the rage. Drawing upon memories of her experiences with ex-husband David Bowie,
Angie uses her own life as a vantage point from which to interview the likes of Alice
Cooper, producer Kim Fowley, Warhol legend Cherry Vanilla, Glenn Hughes of Deep
Purple, Chris Robison of The New York Dolls, author Mark Bego, musician Chick
Cashman, legendary journalist Mary Finnegan, and David Bowie’s mime teacher and
mentor Lindsay Kemp.
According to Angela, “Lipstick Legends are people who pushed the envelope, and
helped redefine the sexual mores of the 1970s. They were people, like myself, who lived
during most indulgent and vibrant decade of the Twentieth Century. I am thrilled to
share the spotlight of Lipstick Legends with such a glittering cast of characters. It’s a
little bit beautiful, a whole lot brassy!”
Drawing upon her years as a writer and performer, Angela takes the reader into
the room with her in a way that is conversational and informative, and channels an entire
“Are you a “Lipstick Legend?” asks Ms. Bowie. “I bet you are. Did you dance
all night and party until breakfast, front a band, and get all dragged up? Did you march
and protest, fall in love, or swoon at David Bowie shows? Are you threatening to relive
the exhilarating panic times of Glam Rock, and the squealing tires of adrenaline
entertainment? Were you there with me on the dancefloor of the Sombrero in London? I
bet you were! Were you with me those six nights of sold-out concerts at Universal
Amphitheater? Wherever you were, come with me and relive those gay old days. Plunge
into that pool of ecstasy with me one more time.” If you are looking for something
different, Lipstick Legends is it.
Lipstick Legends will be published in the Summer 2012 by Publish America, and
will be available on and globally.
Angela Bowie has recently penned articles in British magazines Vogue and
Harper’s Bazaar, on the internet magazine Frock, and she is the author of three
previously published books: Free Spirit (1982), Backstage Passes (1993), and The
Pocket Guide to Bisexuality. She lives in Tucson, Arizona.

For any Interviews reviews or any other info contact

Jimmy Cliff Returns To London On May 18th

Jimmy Cliff Returns To London On May 18th


Reggae legend returns to indigO2 ahead of the release of his new album ‘Re Birth’

Friday 18th May

indigO2 at The O2, Peninsula Square, London SE10 0AX

Tube: North Greenwich

Tickets: ranging from £20 – £45 + BF. Doors open 7pm

Tickets available from /


Following an almighty set last year, Jimmy Cliff will take to the stage at London’s indigO2 this May – returning by popular demand to perform a monumental set.

As a singer, songwriter, musician and actor, Jimmy Cliff will be performing all of his greatest hits including “You Can Get It If You Really Want”, “The Harder they Come” (soundtrack to the film in which Jimmy starred) and “many rivers to cross”. Jimmy Cliff’s London show marks the release of his much-anticipated new album; Re Birth set to be released this Summer.

Set for a brilliant night of live reggae, there will also be an aftershow party with DJ’s playing a selection of reggae classics.

Hailing from Jamaica, Jimmy Cliff is a potent musical forced recognised globally for his contribution to film and music, he’s toured with the likes of Peter Tosh and collaborated with Sting, Joe Strummer, Wyclef Jean and many others. Last Summer Jimmy Cliff completed a packed-out UK tour during which he graced festival stages and venues all over Europe.



Tickets available from /



£50.00 (£45.00 Ticket + £5.00 Fees)



£39.00 (£35.00 Ticket + £4.00 Fees)


£22.50 – £39.00

£22.50 (£20.00 Ticket + £2.50 Fees) £39.00 (£35.00 Ticket + £4.00 Fees)



£33.25 (£30.00 Ticket + £3.25 Fees)

The Duel – All Aboard The Crazy Train

New Album Release From The Duel.

‘All Aboard The Crazy Train’

“Everything about this album reeks of Rock N Roll. Certainly the best album I’ve heard in 2012. I love it! 10/10 ”
Steve DIY, Streetvoice (Oct 24, 2011)

.’All Aboard The Crazy Train’ proves that The Duel are getting better every album and have more and more to offer”.
– Gem Pitt, Vive Le Rock Issue 5 (Nov 19, 2011)

Click on the Album Cover and follow the link to purchase on ITunes

All Aboard The Crazy Train

“The Duel is a glorious nostalgic trip and modern interpretation of all that made original UK punk”

The Ringmaster , The Ringmaster Review (Oct 01, 2011)

“Every track is showcased by a wall of sound a pastiche of emotion riding the waves of techno and LIVE, garage and REAL TIME PASSION=PUNK!”

– Angie Bowie, La Musica (Jun 01, 2011)



We are sorry to announce that the Release Helpline is due to close UNLESS it receives some funding from the private sector to continue. Relase have set up an official Facebook for this cause and this is what it says on it :

‘Without new funding, the Release helpline will close. A lot of our calls come directly from the government’s drugs line FRANK, because they do not have our expertise or knowledge. But the government won’t give us any funding. HELP save the HELPLINE’
While some people understand the importance of the work of Release, some less informed people think ‘it’s only junkies so why bother’ we can say this, because we have heard people mockingly say this first hand. 
Anyone who has been addicted or is addicted or has had a loved one who’s gone thru hell or who has lived with some one’s addiction hell KNOWS how important Release’s work .. Started by Caroline Coon 43 years ago and continued brilliantly by many over the years, who had and are working there now … this is not the time for services like this to be kicked out of our society.
It feels like these days we only have each other.  Man must save Man.  If we don’t where will it all end up?
Please do your bit and at the least share the information on Release facebook to all your friends or if you can help any more please get in touch with Release direct.
Points of contact for email are :

Rioting Protest Students At Whitehall London

Win 2 Tickets to a Party @ the 100 Club This Friday !

We have got two tickets to give away to two lucky people for this very special one off event.


To win them please answer this question:

‘What band was Rat Scabies originally in who is now drumming with Bermondsey Joy Rider’s  who’s guitarist also taught a member of The Duel? ‘

Answers to info@ffruk

Winner will be randomly picked and notifield on Thursday 8th July 2010