Henry Rollins On Dennis Hopper

Video taken from Henry's May 29th, 2010 performance in Portland, Oregon . Giving his respects to the great Dennis Hopper on the day Dennis passed away.

Pressure Drop

idoc Part play, part gig & part art installation, is brought to you by Mick Gordon & Billy Bragg from 19 April to 12 May at Wellcome Collection. Check out the trailer, this play raises the issues that is in the back of most peoples heads, and its refreshing to see artists tackling issues that you would expect political leaders to be tackling. Timingly comes out before the UK general election. Pressure Drop asks a central question: What makes me who I am? It explores the individual, familial, social and political reference points which make a person definable and recognisable to themselves and others here in the UK. 'Pressure Drop' takes us to the heart of one family's struggle to 'define home'. This passionate drama written by acclaimed writer and theatre director Mick Gordon was inspired from singer-songwriter Billy Bragg and his book 'The Progressive Patriot', Bragg explores what it means to be English in contemporary Britain. Reflecting on his family, their history and revisiting the music that originally inspired him, Bragg challenges versions of patriotism proposed by the far right. For the production he will write and perform new work. "I have never done anything like this before, mixing songs with theatre is a totally new experience for me," said Bragg. Billy Bragg recently threatened to withhold his tax payments unless the government stops banks using taxpayers' money to pay their employees big bonuses.  Good to see someone who can, make a stand !!


Kurt & Sid

Showing Now til Sat 3rd October at Trafalgar Studios, London

BOX Office 08448717632


Danny Dyer and Shaun Evans in Kurt & Sid

By Roy Smiles Directed by Tim Stark

April 1994. A man sits alone in an attic extension on the cusp of becoming a Seattle suicide statistic. This man is no ‘number and name’ to be reported in a local newspaper. He is an icon, albeit a reluctant one. The frontman of Nirvana. is about to pull the trigger of the gun in his hand and join the leagues of rock star deaths down the ages. Without invitation, Kurt has the curious company of a man purporting to be the Sex Pistol’s Sid Vicious, Kurt’s hero.

Whether he is a ghost, a figment of Kurt’s imagination, an hallucination, a dream, or a Punk impersonator remains to be seen as the two musicians, trade quips and quotes about the emptiness of fame, a mutual understanding of drug addiction and self-destruction.

Roy Smiles witty and beautifully poignant new play explores exactly what it means to dice with death when being alive proves to be all too painful and peace seems elusive…