Meet The Truth

This documentary discuses one of the largest aspect of global warming! Often overlooked by those in the loop, the billions of animals being bread for food on our planet is one of the largest contributors to climate change. they create a massive amount on waste and require a huge amount of food to produce. some say that the human population on the planet is approaching 8 billion, it is a known fact that there are over 90 billion animals being bread for food consumption alone. this is a massively disproportionate number...


Mentally Impaired Or Genius You Decide????

This documentary looks at a number of individuals that can be described as SAVANT's. These incredible people have special abilities that until recently science could not explain. Some of them can retain an almost infinite amount of information and can access it when ever its called upon. thought despite their superior memory and intelligence there often these individuals struggle with some of life's more simple tasks such as cooking or dressing themselves. One of the individuals interviewed in the documentary was the inspiration for the hit film the Rain Man! This is a Truly an amazing documentary that show just how diverse and incredible the human mind is!!

Controlling Our Food Supply!!!

Who Owns Whats On My Plate!!! This documentary uncovers how the major Genetic Modification company Monsanto is slowly developing a monopoly of the world food supply. It begins showing some of the Monsanto products that have been made to help increase crop yield, And how theses products leave soil infertile unless more of the products are applied.

Chemicals in Tobacco Products

">This video was made by two children for a class project. By constructing an ingredient list of all the chemicals found within commercial cigarettes the video highlights Just how harmful tobacco is. The children then proceed to make a potion mixing similar chemicals bought from their local chemist and hardware store, in an attempt to highlight what really goes into cigarettes. Although the video is a little naff and unprofessional, it gives a good explanation of the use of chemicals in Tobacco.

Still Smoking Watch This!!!!

How Much Tar is in Cigarettes? - Watch this!!!!

This is the third video we have posted relating to the Tobacco and its negative aspects. This short video shows a well designed scientific experiment which shows how much tar can be exstracted from cigarettes. If you are a smoker and at all screamish Don't Watch this Video!!!!!

Smoke and Mirrors

The Tobacconists Dirty Secrets

Last week we uploaded a documentary discussing the negative health effects of tobacco. As a society we are all aware the smoking tobacco can lead to lung cancer and other deadly health conditions. This week we will be focusing on how tobacco companies attempt to stamp out the bad press there products receive for the medical industry both in the UK and the US. Often Tobacco companies employ third party PR (Public Relations) companies enhance the pubic image of the there products. This is nothing unusual, many companies from a variety of industry's use PR companies to improve public image, but according to a source found in the Independent Newspaper, PR companies working on behalf of the tobacconists have been told to deny any link with the tobacco companies. "The public relations company Bell Pottinger and the London law firm Clifford Chance have both requested information from public organisations without making it clear they are working on behalf of tobacco firms. The Irish PR company Hume Brophy has also carried out a lobbying campaign against the Government's ban on cigarette displays in shops on behalf of the National Federation of Retail Newsagents without stating that the campaign was being funded by the tobacco industry". Independent Newspaper UK 2010 As the Video below shows this corruption and dirty business activities are not just exclusive to the UK. In the United States there has been strong competition again the the continuing payment of agricultural subsidies from The US government to the tobacco companies. "An agricultural subsidy is a governmental subsidy paid to farmers and agribusinesses to supplement their income", This includes growers of tobacco. Wikipedia 2012 The argument is that not only do the tobacco companies already make enough money, but the government should not subsidize the growth of a product that is harmful to its society. AS clearly shown in the video the Tobacco companies combated the governmental opposition in the only way they know how. BRIBES!!!!!!!!!

Corruption and Tobbaco

tobacco_plant This Documentary unveils the longstanding corruption that has taken place in the tobacco industry throughout the last decade. Focusing on how the tobacco companies used the huge marketing capabilities to over shadow scientific research which proves that smoking can lead to cancer and other harmful health problems. It's a well established but little known fact that commercially grown tobacco is contaminated with radiation. The major source of this radiation is phosphate fertilizer.1 The big tobacco companies all use chemical phosphate fertilizer, which is high in radioactive metals, year after year on the same soil. These metals build up in the soil, attach themselves to the resinous tobacco leaf and ride tobacco trichomes in tobacco smoke, gathering in small "hot spots" in the small-air passageways of the lungs.2 Tobacco is especially effective at absorbing radioactive elements from phosphate fertilizers, and also from naturally occurring radiation in the soil, air, and water.3 To grow what the tobacco industry calls "more flavorful" tobacco, US farmers use high-phosphate fertilizers. The phosphate is taken from a rock mineral, apatite, that is ground into powder, dissolved in acid and further processed. Apatite rock also contains radium, and the radioactive elements lead 210 and polonium 210. The radioactivity of common chemical fertilizer can be verified with a Geiger-Mueller counter and an open sack of everyday 13-13-13 type of fertilizer (or any other chemical fertilizer high in phosphate content).4 Source 1: Naturally occurring radio active mineral accumulate on the sticky surfaces of tobacco leaves as the plant grows, these leaves remain on the tobacco throughout the manufacturing process. Additional the use of phosphate fertiliser apatite - which contain radium,  lead -210, and polonium- 210 - also increases there amount of radiation in tobacco plants. The radium that accumulates on he tobacco leaves predominantly emits alpha and gamma radiation. Lead -210 and polonium - 210 particle lodge in the smokers Lungs, were they accumulate fir decades (lead - 210 has a half life of 23.3 years) the tar form the tobacco build up in the bronchioles and traps even more of these particles. Over time these particles can damage the lungs and lead to lung cancer. Source 2:  (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency

‘Cannabis’ The Union

The War On Cannabis

This well structured documentary compiles information regarding the prohibition of cannabis throughout much of the world. It highlights some the sinister economics and politics that has lead to the demonization of the drug during the 20th century. Having outlined the reasons behind the illegalisation of cannabis it questions whether or not the prohibition of the drug really works? Furthermore the documentary discusses some of the positive industrial and medical uses of the plant hemp, a strain of Cannabis sativa, which has a low THC content (the substance which get you high) Showing that wide scale cultivation of the plant has for many years been a well established and credible industry.

Fire Water

Poison in our Water Supplies!!!!

'Sapphire Eyes Productions' Discuss the implications of adding Fluoride into water supplies during the salutation process. Untreated industrial strength Fluoride (a byproduct of the fertilizing industry) is added to the water supply of many towns and city in Australia. At a level of 1mg per liter this can lead to heath problems newborn baby's, the elderly and people who suffer from kidney problems. Despite the scientific evidence governments all over the globe including the US and some European country's continue to allow these untreated products to be added to the water supplies. Why???

‪Marijuana Kills Cancer in Brain- without toxic and damaging side effects : News Reports‬‏ – YouTube

‪Marijuana Kills Cancer in Brain- without toxic and damaging side effects : News Reports‬‏ - YouTube.