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The Past and Future, FFRUK TV Talks with Joe Maxwell

Making his third appearance at a FFRUK night, there is no escaping that JOE MAXWELL is one of the UK’s brightest young talents. Embracing all experiences through his band and solo performances, Joe is growing into a highly promising and always captivating proposition on the London music scene as shown by his latest acoustic performance at the 12 Bar Sessions.

Before playing his compelling set, Joe stepped out of the club into its legendary setting,Denmark Street, to chat with SEGS JENNINGS (Ruts DC) and TARA REZ (The Duel) of FFRUK TV. Starting with Joe’s previous appearances with FFR UK and his band, the three reminisce about the club’s home and history in Soho, its importance over the years with Joe, even fresh to the music scene, revealing the part it has already made on his emerging career. With the mesmeric ‘Lately I’ve See’ taken from Joe’s enthralling acoustic set that night, FFRUK TV gives you Joe Maxwell.

FFRUK TV burns brightly with Electric Eyes

Bringing fiery blues rock ‘n’ roll incitement to the London landscape is ELECTRIC EYES, a trio formed less than two years ago but swiftly turning heads and ears in their direction. A regular thrill across some of the Capital’s choice venues since, Electric Eyes met FFRUK TV’s SEGS JENNINGS (Ruts DC) and TARA REZ (The Duel) before playing a highly anticipated set at one of FFR UK’s Reggae Punk Nights at the 12 Bar Sessions. Their relaxed chat explored the likes of songwriting within the band and influences as well as revealing that Electric Eyes were halfway through recording their first release. After Segs and Tara had finished with them, the band went on to rock the stage with their rousingly nagging sound from which FFR UK TV has a ferocious slice for your pleasure.

FFRUK TV Face To Face With The Mercanaries

Camden has been no stranger to breeding ear striking and imagination stirring artists over the decades and so it continues with THE MERCANARIES, a four strong indie/punk band. Creating a sound as addictive to feet and hips as it is to ears, the band has been billed as “the most exciting band to come out of London for years.”

Comparisons to the likes of Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses have also been laid upon the quartet yet their music is undoubtedly unique, continually luring an increasingly growing and loyal following as The Mercanaries dynamically spice up the capital’s live scene.

Performing at one of FFRUK’s Reggae Punk Nights at The Dublin Castle, the band took time out before playing to talk with FFRUK TV’s SEGS JENNINGS (Ruts DC) and TARA REZ (The Duel). Introductions led to the band offering an insight into the band from their beginnings to the raw and organic essence of their sound, and the rewards of occasional made-up lines to lyrics to hopes ahead. With a thrilling slice of the band live on the night in the song, “Hard to Please”; this is The Mercanaries!

“Symphonic” – Killing Joke songs reimagined by Jaz


Pre-order Jaz Coleman's reinterpretations of classic Killing Joke songs with the St Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra HERE.
The new album from Jaz sees him collaborate with the St Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra on new versions of classic Killing Joke songs from throughout our career. ‘Symphonic Killing Joke’ will be available on download and signed CD or LP, alongside a host of exclusives – from attending the recording of the album in Russia to signed music scores and artwork. There will also be a very exclusive one-off London show, featuring Jaz and accompanying orchestra – to be added at a later date. Stay tuned at In other news we headline the sophomore year of Rockaway Beach festival this October alongside Suede. Highly intimate, and tickets from £145pp including 3 days/nights accommodation and music pass. More info and tickets HERE. Over and out. Killing Joke.

Live Show with Honey Bane

What with the news of David Bowie passing yesterday RIP, and the concern at how Angie will hear this tragic news, not at home with her loved ones, but on National TV being watched 24/7 on Celebrity Big Brother 5 - its been hard to focus on anything else .. Our hearts go out to her in this very difficult and sad time. Angie Bowie has a huge heart and is a strong, creative, witty & intelligent woman - and we admire these qualities and want to affirm our sisterhood with like minded individuals. So, with this in mind it will be great pleasure to welcome Honey Bane on the show, with Rick hunt special co host sitting in for Angie, Tara Rez. Honey Bane is a UK Singer/Songwriter, based in the US. Socially Political, Hates Injustice and has a real aversion to Superficiality! Musically and Lyrically Intelligent but Attitude is Punk to the Core! Sounds like our type of girl. Looking forward to hearing her musical works and to speaking to her on this show :) Tune in at 12pm US EST or 5pm UK time, for a live show or watch it later at your leisure :) Honey Bane sites:

The Duel 2016

The rebellion

The Duel 2014

The Duel 2014

duel 2014

Tara Rez with Andy Thierum, Chris McDougall, Steve Zuki , at FFR UK Reggae Punk Nights, 12 Bar in Soho London

An interview with Angie Bowie

We at FFRUK are proud to present a classic conversation with the great Angie Bowie. You can watch it here now : with Tara Rez & Segs Ruts DC The Angie Bowie Show

Fancy Footwork By Angie Bowie


Fancy Footwork

FANCY FOOTWORK is ANGIE BOWIE’s poetry collection from the early 1970s spanning nearly 50 years and published by Create Space. RICK HUNT illustrated the poems and this makes the second collaboration between Angie and Rick: the first was CAT’ASTROPHE.

FANCY FOOTWORK describes how much living there is to be done.

Asked about the essence of verse and poetry Angie replied: “The poems tell the story of how we dance and spin, sometimes smooth and fluid like water and sometimes taut and on guard like a tight-rope walker. We stretch our legs and learn to sprint. We unfold our wings and take to the skies. Imaginations soar above the trees and into the clouds, and as the air becomes thin, we revert to energy. We are no longer physical entities, no breath, no biology...... just Light. We swoop through space. We dance amongst the stars, batting at stardust to jostle a response from our ancestors. That is what this book is about. Our time on Earth'

Rick Hunt

Rick Hunt said:

" I am honored to be creating alongside the sparkling spirit that is Angie! I believe the alchemy of our energies together is a perfect fit. I believe that I may be the universe's luckiest artist!.. I have been given yet another opportunity to creatively collaborate with my dear friend Angie Bowie!...This past year I have had the," FUNTASTIC" task of illustrating her poetry, lyrics, visions, and thoughts !... I have spent every waking free moment this past year doing so!... The images and energy/vibrations/spirit that is the embodiment of Angie's visions in her amazing life have so easily merged with my myriad own! In fact, it feels to me that the images I created to enhance Angie's words, emerged, connected, and chemically blossomed together seamlessly like a very successful alchemists ritual!... There seems to be a "mystical" connection between us that allows the creative waters to flow. Images have always come to me in constant waves. Give me a word and I can create an entire mural in moments from it. Multiply that kind of energy by the pages upon pages of Angie's poetry and lyrics and I have stacks upon stacks of drawings in various states of completion. I have also been blessed by Angie's encouragement and enthusiasm for my creative process and her gently guiding me to use more COLOR in my work. I can truly say with confidence that I am really enjoying the addition of these colors in my work. In closing, I feel safe to say that the overall images of my illustrations for this project has captured the spirit of the book and Angie’s poetry.”

Fancy Footwork is available online at CreateSpace and at Autographed copies are available from

Sergio Kardenas

'Cover photo for FANCY FOOTWORK, Sergio Kardenas is gifted with talent and astonishing good looks. Both as director, performer and photographer Sergio helped provide me with the graphics I needed for book covers and my own imaging. Sergio’s photography and recent artwork for book covers and Face Book illustration for the last 8 years has made me very happy and represented me in relationship to the things I find important. Thank you very much.' Angie Bowie

FFR UK Xmas Reggae Punk Party


To kick off the Yuletide festivities as we lead up to the fat bloke in red accosting roofs and chimneys, FFR UK invite you to their Xmas Reggae Punk Party. Held on December 18th at the Intrepid Fox, it going to be a night to leave the Capital’s chestnuts roasting and its tinsel wilting from the musical blaze and energy unleashed alone. With inimitable live performances and sounds to ignite the passions, it will be a night to ignite the Christmas in us all.

segs ruts dc

Embraced by the perpetually essential and innovative DJ set of SEGS from the legendary RUTS DC, the night is headlined by London’s Now Wave punk pioneers THE DUEL. Riding a highly successful year which included the unofficial  release of their acclaimed “Waging War” album, the band continue to bring their unique and incendiary sounds to the best party in town.

the duel new use this

Also adding their rich and uncompromising flavours to the night will also be fellow Londoners UNDERCLASS UK; a band with an 80’s rooted sound but the snarl of the now who always ensure a furiously thrilling and memorable time.

underclass uk

Equally the alternative fried adventure of THE SMOKES will have bodies rolling and lungs roaring whilst the deliciously provocative sounds of SARAH PINK will add attitude fuelled colour to the celebrations.

the smokes sarah pink

With Dennis Just Dennis, Tracy PunkMoon, and some very special guests adding to the festive romp, FFR UK will be serving up a Xmas platter no one will want to miss.

Click here for more event detail

By Peter Ringmaster