Euro 2012 Match Fixing?

mATXCH DFiXING It has been eight years since the Italians were put out of the Group stages of the 2004 European championships due to a 2-2 draw between Sweden and Denmark. The result left the Italian side bitterly disappointed, to the extent that a few individuals in the Italian camp felt that there had been an agreement in place between the two teams (Sweden/Denmark) to consciously put Italy out of the competition. Here we are now in 2012 and low and behold Italy are in a potentially dangerous position in which if Spain and Croatia draw 2-2 then Italy will again be eliminated form the competition. This situation has given rise to number of individuals in the press suggesting that there may be a fix in place with the intentions of sending Italy out of the competition early. Whether or not there is any truth behind these suggestion n is yet to be seen, though if Spain were to drawn with Croatia 2-2 then there will almost certainly be a load appeal form the Italian camp.

Olimpic Flame Goes Out

On its way to the Olympic stadium in London the famous flame which commemorates the theft of fire form the Greek god Zeus by Prometheus was blown in Great Torrington. Whilst being carried by a wheelchair user named David Follett the flame was hit by a large wind blowing out the touch and holding up the entourage few tense moments. This is the first time that the flame has gone out since its arrival in the UK. By the time the flame reaches the Olympic stadium it will have traveled 8000 miles.

‪Ricky Hatton officially retires‬‏

‪Ricky Hatton officially retires‬‏. Ricky Hatton officially announced his retirement from boxing with an exclusive interview for Hatton Tv with Micky Cantwell. This is just a short section of the 45 minute interview which can be found at

YouTube – Alien Gods Return 2012

YouTube - Alien Gods Return 2012. This video seems to nicely explain everything - give it a watch and see what you think - and tell us what you think in the comments .. and share it with your friends !! The truth is out there - you just have to look past our basic life!!

Gangster Skater VS. Punk Skater