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New Syd Barrett film






Cambridge Live has announced that it is teaming up with the Cambridge Film Trust to premiere a series of films about both Syd Barrett and the Swinging Sixties at the 2016 Cambridge Film Festival, as part of its celebrations of the life and work of Syd Barrett who passed away on the 7th July 2006.

The centre piece will be a film, entitled ‘Get All That Ant?’, a free form documentary filmed by a former school friend and fellow art student of Syd Barrett’s, Anthony Stern.

The documentary feature is made up of film footage, stills and archive footage taken during the 1960s and filmed in Cambridge, London and San Francisco. With the majority of footage having never been seen before, the film includes live performance footage and stills from The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Pink Floyd and Donovan as well as footage of friends and colleagues of Syd Barrett including Iggy Rose, the girl on The Madcap Laughs album sleeve and former girlfriends Libby Gausden and Jenny Spires.

The film will premiere as part of a series of film screenings about Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd on Friday 21st October at the Cambridge Guildhall as part of the 36th Cambridge Film Festival which runs from 20th – 27th October.

In addition to the film premiere, Cambridge Live has teamed up with ISpySydinCambridge.com who are offering Syd Barrett-themed walking tours of Cambridge on the weekend of the concert. Led by former school friends of Syd Barrett, Stephen Pyle and Warren Dosanjh, the tours trace some of the key places in the city relevant to the life of the former Pink Floyd guitarist including his former family home, his school, as well as David Gilmour and Roger Water’s ’s family homes.

The film premiere and walking tours are part of a series of previously announced celebratory events about former Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett centered around the unveiling of a piece of public art, commissioned in collaboration with Syd Barrett’s family, on Thursday 27 October inside the Cambridge Corn Exchange (the location of his final ever live performances). Following the art unveiling is a live concert entitled ‘Syd Barrett – A Celebration’ featuring Swedish group Men on the Border backed by the Sandviken Symphony Orchestra, with lighting from original Pink Floyd lighting designer Peter Wynne-Wilson.

Tickets for the fim screenings and the walking tours will be available from www.cambridgelivetrust.co.uk

Speaking about the premiere of ‘Get All That Ant? Filmmaker Anthony Stern said “The film came about after a diagnosis of Parkinsons encouraged me to make sense of the last fifty years of my life. Delving through my cellar, I found suitcases full of Nagra tapes, film reels and over 7000 still photographs from the period 1963 – 1970. This film is a homage to that time, capturing the dreams, memories and reflections that sprung from a moment when we really thought we could change the world. Fifty years on, I’m starting to think these values are starting to reemerge”.

Cambridge Live Operations Director Neil Jones said “It’s great to link the world premiere of Anthony Stern’s film to this year’s Cambridge Film Festival. The footage in the film has locked away for over 4 decades and makes for an incredible documentary of the Swinging Sixties by a man who was at the very heart of the scene and captured it all first hand. Along with other films about Syd Barrett it should make for a fantastic evening”.

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Notes for editors

Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd

Syd Barrett (born Roger Barrett) was a founding member of Pink Floyd, one of the most commercially successful bands of all time. They have sold more than 250 million records worldwide and were inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

The public art was made possible by Section 106 funding from Cambridge City Council and is being unveiled in the year that commemorates both the 70th anniversary of Syd’s birth and the 10th anniversary of his passing.

About Anthony Stern

Anthony Stern’s father escaped from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia and came to live in Cambridge, where he was born. Growing up there in the 1950s his contemporaries included David Gilmour, with whom he was at school, and fellow art student Syd Barrett (then known under his birthname Roger), with whom he put together a joint art exhibition. During the sixties he worked as a professional photographer and filmmaker which offered a front row seat, observing the emergence of a radical, exciting, experimental counterculture, as well as being an enthusiastic participant in the new scene.

After the sixties came to an end, around 1973, Anthony changed direction, taking a course in glass at the Royal College of Art which led to a highly successful career and business in the field of glass making. Six years ago Anthony was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, which was a profound shock. It began a process of reassessment of what his life has been about. The thousands of film stills left locked in a draw came out and the 16mm film stock was re-threaded onto the Steenbeck, reel to reel sound tapes were once again listened to on the Nagra. The result, after three years of editing, is the film ‘Get All That Ant?’.

About the Cambridge Film Trust and Cambridge Film Festival

The Cambridge Film Trust champions independent cinema and fosters film culture and education, primarily in Cambridge and the Eastern region but also throughout the UK. They deliver screenings, events and special seasons that enable audiences to engage with film culture in a challenging and creative way. The highlight of their year-round programme is the Cambridge Film Festival, which was established in 1977 and is undoubtedly one of the UK’s most innovative film events.


Strum new album

Ok. Here’s the news about the new album.  We were in the studio yesterday recording one more song which will be the seventh.  A real rockers that one. Titled Last man Standing.

The album nicely coming along and is more live orientated than Erase The Tape.  (https://soundcloud.com/strum-musicinfo) So watch this space for some updates on whats to come.

Strum Live

Some great news.  We at Strum have finally managed to secure two bookings this year.  The first we be at The Fiddlers Elbow tickets £5 at the door. Time on stage 10:30 till 11:15pm, on the The Sunday 28th of February.  The second is on the 29th of April at The Cosmic Puffin 9 festival on the Deanos Stage and the time we are on is 7:30pm.

What is Strum up to

We are currently recording songs for the next album still untitled as yet.  We have found all the band members and are rehearsing for a tight set.  So watch this space.

The Duel 2014

The Duel 2014

duel 2014

Tara Rez with Andy Thierum, Chris McDougall, Steve Zuki , at FFR UK Reggae Punk Nights, 12 Bar in Soho London

An interview with Angie Bowie

We at FFRUK are proud to present a classic conversation with the great Angie Bowie. You can watch it here now :
with Tara Rez & Segs Ruts DC The Angie Bowie Show

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