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June 21, 2014: People’s Assembly No More Austerity march reaches Piccadilly Circus

June 21, 2014: People’s Assembly No More Austerity march reaches Piccadilly Circus – YouTube.

FFRUK TV Larry Love Special Feature

love 24 feb 2014

Acoustic headliner Larry Love featuring Brendan O’Connell play an exclusive set for FFRUK Reggae Punk Night and you thought only Nick Cave and Johnny Cash could do murder ballads? Wrong, take a listen to Larry Love (Alabama 3) and Brendan O’Connell (Ghostflighters) and revise your thought processes!  They say that white men can’t sing the blues, but this one can, all the way from the Thames Delta with jazz-infused blues meeting Americana outpourings, infusing Merle Haggard with rebel resistance songs. The pair normally play together as Robert Love’s Ghostflighters and are a regular draw around the Brixton area in particular, their songs echoing the 12 Bar ghosts with their rich blend of poignancy and heartfelt tunes of hope, redemption, despair and all things in-between! A worthy headliner for the night that’s turning Monday into the new Friday!
Bison D Moore (Eaten Alive Zine)

Watch the show highlights and interview here on FFRUK’s very first TV Special :

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

The BNP did not pass! London, June 2013

The BNP (nazi British National Party) wanted to march to the Cenotaph – but they were stopped by a large peaceful multicultural Unite Against Fascism demonstration. (June 1st 2013) Police protected the nazis and arrested dozens of peaceful young/old, black/white protestors simply for “not moving on when asked to”. But the sheer numbers gathered against the BNP meant they could not pass!

via The BNP did not pass! London, June 2013 – YouTube.

All power to the voice of the people!

DIY UK Punk Bands Raise Money For Street Children

The Duel, will be travelling up to Nottingham this weekend to perform with a dozen other Uk DIY punk bands, all working together to raise money for street children.  Looking forward to it, and here is some info for you X

Punk 4 The Homeless Belated 3rd Birthday Bash
A ton of bands raising some dosh and awareness for street children

Web: www.casa-alianza.org.uk

Saturday March 23rd 2013

12 til 12

The Doghouse, Carlton Hill, Carlton, Nottingham



Happy 150th birthday London Underground


On January 9, 1863 the first section of the London Underground opened, between Farringdon and Paddington – the first subterranean railway in the world. It was an instant success, copied widely across the globe and giving its name to an entire system. And despite some under-funded and unloved years, it is now enjoying a renaissance.

My first memory of the London Underground was not travelling on it. In the 1950s, I was brought up in a flat on Campden Hill between Kensington and Notting Hill and during hot summer nights I would hear a ghoulish noise that so frightened me I made my mother sit outside the bedroom until I drifted off.