I Believe In UFOS’s!

Danny Dyer takes you on a tour of the supernatural!

This documentary is more fun that factual! It Follows a young presenter (Danny Dyer) on a quest to find out whether on not UFO sighting are real? Arguing the point that many Ufo Sightings are in fact hoax's he is taken on a journey of exploration in which he finds him self complete convinced that he has witness multiple UFO sightings. As mentioned be fore this documentary is not especially factual but is extremely good fn to watch and will have you out of your seat on a number of occasions. So if you are a UFO fanatic and you like to be entertained then this is the one for you!

Ufo Sighting In Italy

Strange Object Flying Over Bologna in Italy.

Three bright lights move slowly in unison across the evening sky over Bologna in Italy, whilst onlookers stare in awe. this is one of the many frequent sightings that happen in this part of Italy. Source: © xxxdonutzxxx

New UFO Sighting! Could it be Planet Nibru??????

UFO was spotted in a bright sun halo recorded at Saint Beach Florida! Many people are suggesting that this planet like object spotted in the sky could well be the planet Nibru, Which is expected to become visible to the human eye during the current year 2012. Planet Nibru also known as planet X is thought to be a planet that is in our solar system that has an elongated orbit around the sun as a result it only become visible from planet earth every 36,000 years! Could this be this be an arrival of a foreign planet or a UFO or even just a Hoax you decide!!!

New UFO Sighting

UFO in Amsterdam

This clip is of a UFO spotted on an airplane above Amsterdam. The Video evidence suggests that there is an unidentified flying object moving along side a passenger aircraft. The object was seen by a number of individuals on the plane!!! WHAT WAS IT??? YOU DECIDE!

UFO on New Years Eve!!!

UFO or Firework?????

This clip shows three different videos all recorded during the new years celebrations in Taiwan, clearly showing an unidentified object moving unnaturally in the sky.The Videos are all shot from different angles and therefore give a well documented video analysis.

Strange Translucent UFO Spotted in Itally


Witnessed by a group of the public and recorded by an establish film maker. the UFO seems to be a see through bubble!!

UFO Spotted in Russia

Witnessed by hundreds of people on a beach in Russia, two burning comet like aircraft fly through the sky!!

Comet Elenin – Teaser 2011

YouTube - Comet Elenin - Teaser 2011. Follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/IlluminatiTV | Comet Elenin - Teaser 2011 : Coming soon - (FANMADE) not Real.

UFO Retrieved By Russian Military secretly filmed

News Source : www.allnewsweb.com By Michael Cohen


UFO and alien events in Russia have gone into overdrive over the last six months. It is believed that officials from Moscow's Interior Ministry are currently in damage-control. Clumsy cover-up stories are quickly being put together to conceal the reality of alien visitation made obvious by a series of high profile and publicly reported events beginning with a UFO that was tracked travelling at 6000mph and whose occupants communicated in odd “cat sounds”, then moving on to a UFO crash witnessed by thousands in the Irkutsk region and reported by all major media outlets in Russia (albeit censored in the West) and culminating in an Alien found in the snow in the Republic of Buryaita. The last event was followed by an obviously flawed and extremely suspicious official cover-up (see second video below).
Now a UFO has been recently filmed being transported by Russian military helicopter (see first video below) and the footage below has set forums across the internet alight with speculation. Some have suggested that this might indeed by the object that crashed outside Irkutsk. Some have also suggested that in a surprise move Russia may turn out to be the nation that informs the world of the the fact that we are being visited by UFOs and aliens and have been for some time.

UFO siting over Lafayette USA 20 March 2011

Latest UFO sightings - This interesting videos of UFO activity, unknown lights or orbs in triangle formation, in the sky over Lafayette near Denver in Colorado were recorded on Sunday, 20th March 2011.