Chanel LogoChanel founder Gabrielle Chanel in 1913, was founded in Paris, France, Chanel, Chanel's products range from clothing, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, each product is known, in particular, her perfume and fashion . Chanel (CHANEL) is a famous brand in 80 years of experience, Chanel Fashion has always elegant, simple, elegant style, she good at breaking, early 40's on the success of "tied up" the ladies into the simple, comfortable this is perhaps the first modern casual wear.        


Founder: Gabrielle Chanel (Gabriel Chanel) [Gabriel Chanel] Gabriele Chanel (Coco Chanel is in her sing-song when the stage name) was originally registered name is Jia Pali: Paris, France (1910) Address: 135, Avenue Charles de Gaulle Paris, France 92200 33-8-00-31-28-59 Designer: 1913-1971 Gabrielle Chanel (Gabriel Chanel) 1978 - 1983 Philippe Guibourge 1978 - 1983 Jean Cazaubon 1978 - 1983 Yvonne Dudel 1983-- since Karl Largerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld de) Design: elegant, simple, beautiful  

Brand value

Brief Introduction

Brand value: $ 5.6 billion Brand sales: $ 3.3 billion Coco Chanel's mantra: "Pop fleeting, style forever" is still the guiding force behind the brand. But Chanel is now as important as its creative director Karl Lagerfeld, with its iconic silver pony tail, dark sunglasses and black suits, the fashion world's most prominent men.

Brand Profile

English Name: CHANEL Country: Paris, France Create Age: 1910 Created By: Coco Chanel (Coco Chanel) Current designers: Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld) Product Series: senior set of uniforms, haute couture clothing, perfumes, makeup, skin care products, shoes, Chanel Handbags , eyewear, watches, jewelry, accessories


Chanel Coco Chanel, founder of formerly "Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel", Chinese name: Gabriel. Cocoa. Chanel, born in 1883 in France Auvergne. Her mother passed away twelve years old, his father even leave her and four siblings. Since then, she was brought up by her aunt, a child admitted to convent school (Convent School), and there learned hand sewing skills. In her twenty-year-old that year, in 1905, she became a "cafe singer" (Cafe singer), and from the stage name of "Coco", in different music clubs and cafes musicians living. In this showgirl career, Coco has to meet two old customers and become their lover friend, a British industrialist, the other a wealthy military officer. Meet dignitaries, so Coco have the economic ability to open their own sub shop. Gabriele Chanel In 1910, Coco in Paris, opened a women's hat shop child (millinery shop), relying on exceptional sewing skills, sewing out a simple and engaging another top style hat. Two of her friends introduced her many celebrity guests. Time the ladies are tired of fancy trim, so simple Chanel hat on their Oasis is like a general cool. Just one year, the business is rising, Coco moved her shop child temperament fashion (fashionable) the Rue Cambon, Chanel since this area is still the headquarters of the base. Coco must make hats for the fashion industry can not meet the ambitions, she advanced into the Couture (Haute Couture) areas. In 1914, Coco opened two boutiques, far-reaching impact later declared the official fashion brand Chanel was born. It is not yet known frog affiliate: Into the Twenties, Chanel designed a number of innovative models, such as knit sailor dress (tricot sailor dress), black miniskirt (little black dress), clothing and other sets of bottle collar. Moreover, Coco from the men's inspiration for the ladies added a little more taste, a women's over-year change Profusion gorgeous fashion. For example, a suit jacket (Blazer) to join women's series, launched women's pants. Do not forget that in the twenties women will wear a skirt. Coco This series of creation as a significant revolution in the history of modern fashion. Coco on the unique fashion aesthetic insight and a rare talent, that she make a lot of poets, painters and intellectuals. Abstract of her friends, there were masters Picasso (Picasso), French poet, director yet. High grams more (Jean Cocteau), and so on. 1:00 Merry refined, it was a French fashion and the arts of the golden age. In addition to fashion, Chanel is also introduced in 1921 Chanel No 5 perfume, actress Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman) as a spokesperson for No 5 perfume bottle is a very a decorative arts (Art Deco) taste of the bottle. The "double C" logo has become so that the bottle of Chanel perfume history's most profitable products, and in the corridor on Hengyuan time eternal, and so far the official website of Chanel is still the highlights of the product. Three to four years, the outbreak of World War II, Coco Chanel son off to her shop, and love of the Nazi officer fled to Switzerland. In 1954, Coco returned to France, Chanel make a comeback, with her usual simple and natural style of women, quickly re-captured a public Bali Shi female. Short thick wool coat, bell-bottoms, and so are the works of post-war period Coco Chanel. Or just talk about the post-war Chanel style has remained simple and expensive Lai, the use of Tartan plaid or Nordic geometric print, and often spend tweed (tweed) made clothing, comfortable and natural. Or another may be mentioned, after the death of Coco Chanel (died 1971), the German designer Karl Lagerfeld to become the soul of the brand Chanel. Since 1983, he has served as the chief designer of Chanel, the Chanel fashion towards another peak. There is also a fun place worthy of mention is the brand created nearly nine decades, have never had a men's clothing, until the autumn and winter 2005/2006 series was made public only a few men. Chanel's life are not married, she created a great fashion empire, while pursuing the life you want, which itself is the best example of women's autonomy, but also understand the feelings of the most fun a new era of women. She and the British aristocracy ETIENNE BALSAN from the other funding to open her first millinery shop, while another ARTHUR CAPEL is funded open fashion stores; she was traveling with the Duke of Westminster, the first design inspired tweed suit materials; Every man in life are the source for creative, she is not just a fortunate, but very hard and serious work! Even until the age of 70 she still return from leave. Chanel Group in 1983 by Karl Lagerfeld as fashion director, but so far every quarter for the new design concept is still the spirit of Chanel.  

Brand extension

Chanel's death, in 1983 by the design genius Karl Lagerfeld (KARL LAGERFELD) succession. Karl Lagerfeld has a free, any state of mind and ease of design, he always incredible feeling of the unity of two opposing works of art in the design, both lively and dignified, both the French romance, humor, another German rigorous, fine. He did not change the shape of line and color preference, but from his understanding of the design from beginning to end to the "Chanel" in pure style.  

Brand Style

Whether it is with a strong element of male sportswear (Jersey suit), two-piece tweed suit (Tweed), breaking the old values ​​of costume jewelry, with a strong feminist color camellias totem, or Marylin Monroe in bed only wearing - Chanel No.5, Chanel often challenge the old system created a new fashion. Ms. Chanel is the most special thing about practical gorgeous, she retrieved inspiration from life around, especially in love. Unlike other designers to ask others to meet their design, Chanel offers a liberating sense of freedom and choice, the costume design from a male perspective into the main trend of the performance of women self-stage aesthetic. Abandon the tight-fitting waist, whale bone hoop skirts, to promote shoulder-style bag with fabric suits; Coco Chanel single-handedly dominated the first half of the twentieth century, a woman of style, attitude and lifestyle, a new philosophy of simple luxury and comfortable, as she was alive said: "the opposite of beautiful is not poverty, but vulgar." January 1971, Coco Chanel died, at age 88. The main current Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld took the helm in 1986, he detailed interpretation of the new approach, luxury, and never faded popular Chanel spirit. The Swedish and German descent has always wearing big black sunglasses devil's designers the most praiseworthy of the Department and he and Coco Chanel as a talented but rebellious blood flowing. He took office after the first quarter break will be cut skirt dress, with bright exaggerated fake jewelry, shocked the fashion industry, but also the Chanel momentum in the past 20 years towards another peak. "Chanel represents a style, a timeless unique style", Chanel, Ms. describes himself in the design, not thinking about what to do next, but then have to ask ourselves in what way the performance, so one to agitation will never stop. Ms. Chanel enthusiastic confidence into the spirit of these shares for every one of her design, Chanel has become a very personal style of the brand. Chanel's design with a distinctive personal touch, her pursuit of freedom but the love of man; her powerful independent but there are full of femininity. Her home - in central France Auvergne - the terrain is full of extinct poor regions, When he was 70 she had described himself as "Auvergne the only one immortal volcano"; now look brand new faces pop complicated industry, Chanel fashion is still a active volcano never be broken.  

Chanel Chanel 2011 fall

CHANEL 2011 Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld continues to fall blockbuster personally Zhang Jing, supermodel Freja Beha Erichsen wearing all sorts of new Chanel fall 2011, one-time ID photos in the old chassis change shape, or naughty, or charming. Lens of Karl Lagerfeld still an unstoppable aura photographs secretly from his hit, every time "just for fun," the results are full of flavor.