CHLOE born in the 1950s, that is what life's clothing brands to the aristocratic tradition of the Paris haute couture challenge when, CHLOE brand created a simple and beautiful, strong and wear modern clothing concept. CHLOE from the west coast of Florida, Tampa, Largo City, Yanni's Mexico is one voice concert singer, among the ranks of Yanni's four Super disciples. 3 years old she began studying singing, dancing, playing guitar, and shortly thereafter began writing at age 9, Chloe started professional performance. She is typical of a rich sense of music singers, rich sound quality changes to enable her to capture the essence of the music concert. Her youthful passion to her work, her voice all of a sudden it will make the audience fascinated. "Rich with Yanni and work together, not only to give me support, I also enjoy the talent show, free to fly, I am satisfied because my creativity has been elevated to a new level!" Designer: Hannah MacGibbon. Famous is Chloe, but in that "e" add a little above or a small "tick", because it is the French "e". Chinese name called "Chloe" source: the sun is not embroidered wedding dress.

Brand Profile

CHLOE born in the 1950s by Gaby Aghion founded. That is the life of the clothing brand to the aristocratic tradition of the Paris haute couture challenge when, CHLOE brand created a simple and beautiful, strong and wear modern clothing concept. CHLOE brand is the world's chameleon Paris haute couture, even though it's fairly frequent use of national teacher, but the brand's style framework does not change due to change of the designer, has maintained a French-style elegance of color and flavor characteristics. Recruited into their designer's personality, coupled with production and management systems to ensure CHLOE CHLOE brand style to remain synchronized with the times. Chloe was founded before the high-end fashion house was only manufacture customized service. While these customized service that only small number of people can afford, many people are often looking for a local seamstress to create a poor quality copy of this. Chloe founder Gary Aghion abandoned the stiff formality of 1950s fashion style, with fine fabric to make the first soft and filling out the beauty of women's "high-grade clothing" (luxury prêt-à-porter). Today, we are familiar with the garment market from us. Other female fashion designer has to follow the dress (for the first fashion house Givenchy, 1956 launch of clothing line 'Givenchy University'). Today, the public plays an important designer's clothing line ratio. " In 1956, while in their favorite artists gathered in the Cafe de Flore published Chloe's first design series. This series consists of Gaby Aghion design, the first assistant at Lelong manufacturing. Gaby Aghion and Jacques Lenoir and thus more committed to hiring talented new designers Yang Yi, and even after they set up their own brands, including Christiana Bailly, Michèle Rosier, Maxime de la Falaise, Graziella Fontana, Tan Giudicelli, Guy Paulin, Carlos Rodriguez. CHLOE 1960s was followed by the image of "youth crisis" fashion designer Jenny? More (Jeanne Do) launched a slim line profile of the dress hanging next to a metallic luster decorations of geometric blocks of films, this looks like a modern suit of armor black dress skirt very trendy at the time. The late 1960s, Karl? Lagerfeld charge CHLOE. He retained a beautiful shape, simple decorative features, based on the diversification to absorb the then popular design concepts, such as drawing on the enthusiasm of the Roma ethnic characteristics distinctive clothing bearing the introduction of bright patterned shirt roll bar; in ordinary clothes and shawls on the use of bright ring attached drawing and so on. In 1988, the Rolling Stones 70's music was well received by the impact of Brecht Brian (Martin Sitbon) as CHLOE designer, he will CHLOE60's style re-interpretation of works each season are derived from contemporary popular culture, reflecting the modern female self-esteem and self-confident personality; In addition, CHLOE cards and beautifully decorated with gorgeous fabrics and exaggerated contour of traditional design features, has also been rediscovered. 1992 Karl? Lagerfeld back CHLOE, it's not easy to wear off so CHLOE structuralist style back to the 1970s, simple, comfortable style, from the "flower boy" long beaded chain, fine silk flower hair accessories, filled with romantic and nostalgic flavor. In 1997, Stella McCartney to Chloe brought reform into a feminine beauty, romantic and arrogant elements. In 2001, Feibifeiluo (Phoebe Philo) continues the fine tradition of luxury brands, and integrated into her unique personal style and sexy touch. Kirsten Dunst, Nathalie Portman, Lou Doillon's also become one of the customer. In 2002, Chloe bags introduced, small leather goods and footwear line. Paddington bags have become the first representative series. In 2006, Paulo Melim Andersson to bring a fresh and very modern family. In 2008, he released the project in the light fragrance Chloe work closely with the brand's Hannah MacGibbon as creative director, her first series "Spring 2009 Runway Series" launched in March.

Chloe Style

French romantic relaxed, casual elegance, floral veil, gently flowing lines of the clothes have become Chloe the symbol of women's style. In July, after the discount sales, the world's second-largest luxury goods group Richemont Group, Switzerland's flagship brand from the world's largest luxury Beijing Sunbeam these, the first time to enter the Chinese market a few years it is appropriate to rely on agents. Before 2004, laws and regulations restrict the number of China's market, market uncertainty, the risk of passing the majority of the selected brand. The larger the initial number of private foreign companies have become a luxury of significant progress in entering the Chinese market. For luxury brands, the price is very small, almost zero, and these agents are more familiar with China market, some have an existing sales channels. Pleated dresses inspired by men's shirts from the 1960s and set to cut complicated hand embroidery, applique stitching beautiful cotton gauze, and in like waves on the hem; clean set off by elegant baroque pattern of temperament extravagance cover fir, petal shape of the A-shaped strand empty Puff dress, in addition to these in addition to these classic designs in addition, Phoeb also brought a new tailoring techniques: neat neat fit dress, 60's style A-line jacket and tight-fitting short-dimensional stiffness of the body and short little jacket. Wonderful exquisite design ideas mainly from the 1960s "old lady chic.". Following the storied brand's paddington bag autumn launch date several evening bags: silver snake chain with a clutch-Marge, the number of fruit-colored wash Aescin old bag-Edith, zippers, big bag, and Phoebe Final curtain call in more when the last one to wear with the latest single product: elastic material striped belt-Lilian! Chloé years experienced many changes, chief designer of the top spot has been Lagerfeld, McCartney and other heavyweight men sat, and now the head of the cane is held in the hands of Phoebe Philo. I do not know for mothers Antian state of mind, or on their own personal preferences in a return to a sense of peace, pure, pleasant high school students hand carry bag, thick heel, the essence of minimalism in this appreciation of the process imperceptibly. Design: Chloe brand shoes and bags, with leather material, bright eye-catching, stylish, simple and elegant, cool flavor, show modern luxury, showing elegant femininity.

Chloe Handbags

Personality style

Unique Chloe handbags shape, have a strong visual impact. Giving a generous sole noble fashion taste. Black and white two different bags have different taste, pure white to show, the mysterious black highlights. Further reading: stunning brand new spring and summer package delivery. The bags are all brand has its unique characteristics and personality, to show different styles.

Black Style

Black used in the bag, whether it is light-colored skin Quality or matte leather, can show elegance. Generous at the end of the use of bright colors, while the surface is still used black shoes, distinctive, full of fashion sense. Fashion is still to past years for design inspiration, Highlight women restrained and prudent temperament, emitting a unique feeling Mature

Elegant visual experience

With the yellow line of heating,Beige, brown, these colors are relatively moderate place this season, but the overall structure is not rigidly adhere to the gray, special material to enhance its mature temperament.