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Whether London is prepared for the fall-out only time will tell but anarcho-punk legends CONFLICT will be taking no prisoners when they incinerate the city with their voraciously antagonistic and passionately defiant sound at THE GATHERING OF THE 500. Led by founding member and frontman Colin Jerwood, the South London ‘Voice Of Rebellion’ has sculpted an all-day event poised to go down in aural protest and passion spilled history. The gig has already spawned a feverish anticipation and demand, so much so that a second date is following swiftly on its heels as Conflict leads the capital on a weekend of intensive and thrilling confrontation.

colin conflict

Supported by a mouth-watering torrent of some of the strongest impacting and creatively inspiring bands around, Conflict will thrust The Underworld, Camden into a tempest of mutinous and anthemic punk rabble-rousing on Saturday, 7th December. The headliners will add an incendiary flame to a day sure to be already burning intensely from the host of prime agitators on the bill.

subhumans 1

UK giants SUBHUMANs will be bringing their hardcore belligerence and excellence to the event alongside the anarchist ingenuity and diversity of Irish punks PARANOID VISIONS, a band still fresh and fired up from the acclaimed release of new album When…? with former Crass frontman Steve Ignorant.

paranoid visions and steve ignorant

This alone is enough to pack the walls of the venue but with the exciting addition of THE LOST CHERREES, LIBERTY, SLUG, DESTROY DC, FALLEN BRAKES and much more, it is no surprise that the show has recently been sold out and rabidity is soaking the anticipation of all luck to be going.

lost cherrees destroy dc

That fevered demand for the event has led Conflict to arrange another CONFLICT IN LONDON show the following day, Sunday 8th December at The Garage, London.

Called THE GATHERING PART TWO and an all-day benefit for KEITH MANN of the A.L.F. who was diagnosed with an incurable cancer, there is no less an impressive and breath-taking depth of musical causticity and inciting reformist strength to be found in the second day’s line-up of bands. With more artists still to be announced, Conflict and the event will be supported and punctuated by inciting luminaries such as GRAND COLLAPSE, SLUG, DROPPING BOMBS, BLACK STAR DUB COLLECTIVE, AUTONOMADS, and DEFCON ZERO, as well as numerous stalls and speakers from The Animal Liberation Movement.

grand collapse black star dub colective

Both events are poised to leave an indelible legacy and a thought provoking mark on all those attending. Conflict are taking the throat and passion of London by a sinew clad grip over two days of the most potent sounds and evocative protestation, apathy that weekend will have no place to meander.


Pete RingMaster