The dead turtles in Australia



On Sunday, April 10 around noon, 10 dead green turtles were found on an Australian beach in Boyne Island and Tannum Sand near the mouth of the River Boyne.

About this Gledstounskoy witnesses notified employees and the District Association for the Protection of Wildlife.

Jody Jones, president of the group and a member of the association, visited the beach immediately after the news and saw the terrible scene that caused it just puzzled.

Mrs. Jones: "the turtles do not have any visible injuries, they all look healthy. I worry that it may be neestesstvennym phenomenon. I just cried. I do not believe my eyes. "

Jones has previously saved a lot of turtles with a so-called "floating syndrome" in these places. However, none of them had no such symptoms.

Currently under investigation for causes of death of animals. An autopsy was performed, after which the experts have excluded from the list of possible causes of death blows on fishing boats, the depletion of starvation and attack by predators.