Devastation in Australia with over 9 meters of flooding

This is truly sad and frightening, to anyone to see that yes our western civilized world can be ripped apart with one mighty blow – Our hearts go out to the people in Australia. Hard to comprehend that the disaster is the size of Germany & France – makes the UK seem miniscule. With the costs of repair running into billions, you wonder how they are going to rebuild everything, before the next blow – where else is going to get hit by distasters and how quick is it going to happen – what kind of mess are we going to be left with and how soon ?

All questions we should be asking, and we are asking even if subconciously. Still we have to be concerned with price hikes in petrol, public transport, nhs cuts, job losses, interest rate & inflation hikes – the doom and gloom impending us in 2011.

Its all so hand to mouth even on a mass scale : /