Disability- Sierra Leone ends workshop on access to justice for PWDs

Disability-Sierra Leone (DiSiL) has ended a two days workshop on the theme Access to Justice for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) at DiSiL head office, Soldier Street in Freetown.

In an interview with DiSiL) Country Director, Teddy Foday-Musa, he maintained that this is not the first time to hold such workshops to discuss similar issues. He added that PWDs need to know how to access justice. He said that it was this reason they decided to hold such a workshop in order to train PWDs on how to access justice and the benefits of accessing justice.

Mr. Foday-Musa went further to say that all stakeholders in disability issues are encouraged to see how they too can improve the lot of PWDs. He added that the main reason they decided to come up with this particular topic is because his organization had first done a research to find out about the way and manner persons with disabilities are marginalized in society because of certain reasons. He added that the need for training the military, prison, fire force and above all the Sierra Leone Police force so that they can be able to interpret deaf and dumb signs and actions, as a start for persons with disabilities to have access to justice is of paramount importance.

Few major recommendations were made by participants on how to promote access to justice for PWDs. Recommendations like mainstream employment for PWDs in public and private sectors, training of PWDs in order to facilitate access to justice, free legal support or aid to persons with disabilities were among some of the important recommendations made.

ASP Ibrahim Samura, Head of Police Media spoke on behalf of the SLP. He said, the Police have great respect for all persons with disabilities and that that is why the Police and other forces will make sure that pregnant women, old people and persons with disabilities are given priority during the day of voting.
DiSiL is a non-profit organization registered in Sierra Leone as a local NGO. DiSiL is dedicated to working for the betterment of persons with disabilities. It provides support and services to children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities.