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Strummerville DIY – Bands Needed

Hey guys,

We are working on a new project with Dr. Martens and they’ve asked us to find a band from Nottingham, UK (or near there).

We need to get back to them before Friday 22nd Mar (yep, thats tomorrow!) so you need to act fast. Can you email ASAP. and we’ll then be able to send you more info.

IMPORTANT! please only get in touch if you’re a band from Nottingham, or you can recommend a band from there.

About the project:

Dr. Martens are working with artists and they have commissioned them to produce a piece of wall art. See here for similar projects Dr. Martens did in Manchester and Bristol.

Dr. Martens need a sound track to use for the Nottingham artists film. They will credit your band & music, which will gain exposure through their social media platforms. So don’t delay!

Keep on rocking.

Strummerville x