Do You Remember Your First Concert

It Is so hard to remember what you did with your flat keys and its even harder to contemplate your memory cells and come to terms with the first gig you ever attended, lucky then for me as my first show was kinda historic to a degree and therfeore l had some research available, thank you Internet. Ok the date was July 21st 1978 the place was The Starlite Bowl in Burbank, California, the band was Bob Marley And The Wailers and it was my first concert, well it's the first one l remember, l might have been at other shows before but this is the one l really have a memory of for reasons that l will explain later, but first why was this historic? well if you're a fan of Bob Marley you will know that this was the last time Peter Tosh performed with Bob onstage. Ok to some Peter Tosh is not a big deal, he was only in the band for one or two Island Records releases but The Wailers had been going a longtime before they signed to Island records, he wrote "Get Up Stand up" the great call to arms number in Bobs repertoire. I always thought Peter Tosh made as great a contribution to the reggae scene as Bob. He was a very eccentric character and was often misunderstood, he was more millitant in his message as Bob's message was more about love which of course is as much valid. What a night of talent that took the stage that night, with Bob were the almighty cast of Carlton and Aston aka 'family man' Barrett an unbelievable rhythm section, then we have Junior Marvin of 'Police and Thieves' fame on Guitar along with Al Anderson on Lead Guitar and Alvin Patterson on percussion, not to mention the I-Threes on backing vocals Rita, Judy and Marcia, wowee was l a lucky fella.Well the thing was in 1978 l was just 12 approaching 13 so l was in the strange transition of becoming a teenager, I was becoming aware of music, l remember l had a record player which by rights was mine but somehow it was located in the living room at home so the only records l remember having were Cheech and Chong, The Carpenters, Abba and Cat Stevens and maybe Tommy The Tugboat. So by what right of passage was this that beheld me to being allowed into the realm of Roots Rock Reggae, well here is the answer my father was stationed at Island Records Publishing Department In L.A, it was him that bestowed my entrance into this domain. So what were my memories, well the first one that comes to mind is pretty obvious it was the sweet smell of Weed, Ganja or Pot as it was and is known, a smell that seems to still be in the air wherever l go, ohh and the other thing was dancing yes l believe this was the first time l did a bit of jigging which sort of came in handy as l was about to start Scottish country dancing at school when l returned to Glasgow from my vacation that summer of 78'. the only other memories l have are the song 'Jamming' as it always seemed to be on the radio and l had a Kaya T-shirt with the marijuana emblem on the back which l dont think my teachers took kindly too when l wore it on sports day however the Punks in my neighbourhood thought it was cool seeing this spotty dude pedaling up and down the street on his pushbike with this T-shirt flabbing about, and the final thing was that l now knew what the hell was going on in my Cheech and Chong Records. bob-marley-peter-tosh-live-the-starlite-bowl-21 ( Peter Tosh And Bob Marley at The Starlite Bowl 1978) Chris McDougall