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The founders of Canadian Ensign Records dont like studios that look like real estate offices and smell like the domestic gate at the Winterpeg airport. Worse yet are record companies that look and sound the same, all the while catering to anyone who has the money to pay for it.
Canadian Ensign Records has an industry standard recording studio, state of the art graphics and marketing department, and distribution network … all paid for with shitty gig money and the intent of getting more good music out there.

The Dirty Old Punks Radio Athens Compilation Vol. 1

Dirty Old Punks Radio Athens and Canadian Ensign Records have teamed up to bring you, the listeners and fans, a compilation album featuring the very best of Dirty Old Punks Radio Athens! This compilation album highlights talented, upcoming, and established punk rock bands from all around the world demonstrating that the phenomenon of punk rock is not only far from dead, but that it is also a global voice of unification for both angst and freedom. Represented on Volume One are bands from Greece, The United States, Italy, Canada, Croatia, Sweden, Italy, and more. We are releasing this album for FREE with the option to pay whatever you want. If you can only afford a 99 cent donation to the cause, its much appreciated and you should know that all proceeds will go directly to maintaining websites etc etc , this is a ZERO PROFIT release for the purpose of getting more and better independent PUNK ROCK music out into the world!! CHEERS AND BEERS AND THE MOST HEARTFELT THANKS to all the bands who contributed to this album, it wouldn’t have happened without you! Sincerely, ALL OF US AT: CANADIAN ENSIGN RECORDS DIRTY OLD PUNKS RADIO ATHENS