Drongos For Europe, Radio Dead Ones and The Assault @Retro Bar


Retro Bar
50 Bosworth Road W10 5EG
London, United Kingdom
DRONGOS FOR EUROPE Formed in 1979 in Birmingham England, playing early gigs with mates GBH (who they still gig with today) Dead Wretched and the Varukers. The band shared the stage in the early days with bands like GBH, Exploited, Dead Kennedys, Crass, the Pogues, The Beat, and all the UK82 bands of the time.
One of England's angriest punk rock bands, Drongos For Europe assaulted the senses with such gut-wretched tunes as "Psych...omania", "Destroy", "Freakazoid", and "Wasted". Read more: https://www.answers.com/topic/drongos-for-europe#ixzz1JUsdJXKw https://www.myspace.com/drongosforeurope RADIO DEAD ONES Berlin Band on tour in the UK. Born back in the early eighties behind the iron curtain, no-one could imagine the possibility that the young brothers and troublemakers Beverly and Rik and their two friends Ändru und TV Mörk would get together to form a punk rock band. The four piece moved to dirty Berlin as soon as they turned 18 to start their punk rock mission. https://www.myspace.com/radiodeadones THE ASSAULT New UK Punk ! The music of The Assault blends the spirit of punk rock with the energy of hardcore, in the tradition of bands such as The Unseen, Casualties, Agnostic Front, Madball and Metallica. The songs are fast and heavy, with social and political issues high on the lyrical agenda. https://www.myspace.com/theassaultuk Please share this event & come to this show and be apart of a memorable night! AS ALWAYS FFRUK.COM SUPPORTS THE WORK OF https://WWW/RELEASE.ORG.UK & https://WWW.SSDP.ORG/