Earth Changes and the Pole Shift

News Source : By Andrew Veresay Australia is not the only part of the world suffering from extreme flooding .. At least 35 people died in floods in Brazil. Under the water column, its level sometimes exceeding the norm by 6.5 meters, were all south-eastern states. More than 13 thousand people remain without a roof over head there . Fragile buildings simply can not withstand the pressure, they were carried over floods and mud flows. Covered with water are Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Rains do not stop there for two weeks, reports NTV. Brazil government says 100K displaced by floods Associated Press, 01.08.11 RIO DE JANEIRO -- Brazilian authorities say the number of people left homeless by flooding has risen to about 100,000 in four southeastern states. Reports from regional civil defense authorities show Minas Gerais state has been hit the hardest, with 16 dead there as of Friday. More than 4,000 homes have been damaged by rising water and landslides, and about 170 destroyed. Eleven more are dead in Sao Paulo state, where 57 cities are in a state of emergency, including the capital. Main thoroughfares in Sao Paulo city were swamped Saturday, and some smaller towns were entirely submerged.