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UK and Europe's number one food storage specialist. ABOUT US Emergency Food storage started in 2009 to offer an easy option to common food storage  and survival food problems. We offer a one stop shop for all your food storage needs, survival food, survival supplies, freeze dried food, water storage and water purification and try to educate everyone on the importance of the motto "Be Prepared". Sadly the unexpected can happen and often catches us out. We know the value of food storage in our homes and have used them many times over the years when life throws something at us we just were not expecting. FOOD. Welcome to the UK's number one Food Storage Company, with Mountain House food that lasts 25 years, easy to store and use. Our Freeze dried food has a long shelf life, tastes great and can be used any time anywhere. The freeze fried food is great for camping, expeditions and disaster relief. This food storage is a great addition to your total food reserves and stockpiles and will give you breathing room should an emergency happen. Emergency food storage stocks Mountain house Uk, tins and packets, Trek n eat tins and packets, Fusion foods packets and Expeditions foods packets. We offer our food storage in packs so we can be the cheapest food storage company in the UK. Your one stop shop to emergency food and survival supplies. WATER Pure drinking water is a necessity of life, we must have it to survive. Sadly too many people in the world don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water and often die as a result. Emergency food storage have a range of water purification gadgets that will clean water so it’s safe to drink, these Water filtration devices are light weight and easy to use. Water filters are an important part of your food storage. Emergency food storage stocks 3 brands of water filters, Aqaumira, Katadyn and Life saver. 72 HOUR KITS Emergency Food Storage UK has a basic 72 hour pack ideal for home evacuation emergencies and car emergency packs. The survival kits contain an emergency tent, mountain house food, and Aquamira frontier water filter and much more. The pack will enable you to survive nicely for 3 days which is often enough time to deal with those unexpected disasters.