Every Nights A Saturday Night By Bobby Keys

Oh the shame of things that happen with me. l have had this book in my possession for well over a year, and l have only now got around to reading this, it’s not like l was avoiding reading this l just misplaced it amongst my book collection, it was not buried, in fact l could see it from my chair, its just other distractions would get in the way.

Every night is a saturday night and every day is a Sunday, is a an old Texas saying, it’s also the title of Bobbys memoirs, not to be confused, as l was slightly with, Every night is saturday night a song by Jesse Ed Davis who was also a good buddy with Bobby so thats all good. Anyway Booby Keys was born in Slaton which is in Texas he moved to Lubbock where Buddy Holly is from, this is where he got his taste for the saxophone thanks to, in a way by picking up top sax royalty King Curtis in his car, and well he got the bug. It was kinda fast paced from then onwards, he even played on the session of Return To Sender by Elvis Presley, after touring with Buddy Knox, he tried unsuccessfully to join the Army lucky for him, as at the time Vietnam was looming.

He was soon in Los Angeles and ended up playing with Delany and Bonnie who were very influential on Eric Clapton and countless others, so after a bit of playing with them, he ended up in England, and hes on All things must pass, the fantastic George Harrison album, he even moves in with John Lennon and after a while gets approval from Yoko Ono for imitating the sound of a frog. Bobby and John have a great friendship and spend much time trying to outdo each other for example Bobby would say ‘Oh man l have to get up so early and John would outdo him by saying thats nothing l have to get up so early l have to get up an hour before l go to bed, all good fun. After that he lives with Mick Jagger and soon enough hes playing on Rolling Stones albums and on his way to becoming a fixture in The Stones which is where most people know him from.

Now before l read this book, l heard some moaning from the ranks, that this book was a serious piece, about a serious musician which it has elements off, I was told there are not many stones stories in here, but maybe its because we have perhaps heard lots of Bobby stories, that have been regaled in the countless Rolling Stones books that are out there, so maybe he thought ,hey maybe people wanna hear the other stuff l’ve done and yes this is what we get, so wahey to that.

After a while Bobby left the Stones which was a sin of the highest degree in the stones camp, he had his reasons which he explains, and he sure sorted his life out a bit, and played with Joe Cocker and here we get some great tales of the sitiations that these guys got up to, all very funny.

I was very lucky, to have seen Bobby play a few times but my favourite was when he played with the band The Dirty Strangers, over a year ago at the Borderline in London a small cool venue, and it was fantastic night. Sadly Bobby Keys passed away, last year in early December, but through this book and the legacy of great songs he played on, he will always be in the hearts of true rock n rollers in the known universe.

Chris McDougall