Falling Fresh Water Supllies

Global warming and over consumption is leading to the dramatic decline in fresh drinking water supplies around the world. Over the last 25 five years the growth in access to fresh drinking water has dramatically reduced. Between the years 1970 – 1975 access to clean drinking water rose by 11% but between the years 2000- 2006 the increase of access to fresh drinking water rose by only by 2.4%.

This is a worrying thought especially as the population of the planet has mover than doubled in that time period.

It is thought that in 2008 1 billion people lived without access to fresh clean drinking water.

Areas of development like China India and Russian will be hit hardest by decline of fresh water supplies. As populations increase and economy develop the will be a growing demand for clean water, for both human consumption and industrial use, this will cause a huge problem as access to water decreases.

Though access to clean water is not just a problem for the developing world. The mid west American States are facing real problems regarding sourcing water supplies. The Hoover dam which has powered the growth of city’s like Los Angeles and Los Vagas has begun to dry up.

The social and political impacts of fresh water shortage worldwide are enormous. Think revolution, revolt political unrest and a regression to the dark ages.

The video below describes how areas in America are beginning to suffer from the lack of fresh water supplies.