Fancy Footwork By Angie Bowie


Fancy Footwork

FANCY FOOTWORK is ANGIE BOWIE’s poetry collection from the early 1970s spanning nearly 50 years and published by Create Space. RICK HUNT illustrated the poems and this makes the second collaboration between Angie and Rick: the first was CAT’ASTROPHE.

FANCY FOOTWORK describes how much living there is to be done.

Asked about the essence of verse and poetry Angie replied: “The poems tell the story of how we dance and spin, sometimes smooth and fluid like water and sometimes taut and on guard like a tight-rope walker. We stretch our legs and learn to sprint. We unfold our wings and take to the skies. Imaginations soar above the trees and into the clouds, and as the air becomes thin, we revert to energy. We are no longer physical entities, no breath, no biology...... just Light. We swoop through space. We dance amongst the stars, batting at stardust to jostle a response from our ancestors. That is what this book is about. Our time on Earth'

Rick Hunt

Rick Hunt said:

" I am honored to be creating alongside the sparkling spirit that is Angie! I believe the alchemy of our energies together is a perfect fit. I believe that I may be the universe's luckiest artist!.. I have been given yet another opportunity to creatively collaborate with my dear friend Angie Bowie!...This past year I have had the," FUNTASTIC" task of illustrating her poetry, lyrics, visions, and thoughts !... I have spent every waking free moment this past year doing so!... The images and energy/vibrations/spirit that is the embodiment of Angie's visions in her amazing life have so easily merged with my myriad own! In fact, it feels to me that the images I created to enhance Angie's words, emerged, connected, and chemically blossomed together seamlessly like a very successful alchemists ritual!... There seems to be a "mystical" connection between us that allows the creative waters to flow. Images have always come to me in constant waves. Give me a word and I can create an entire mural in moments from it. Multiply that kind of energy by the pages upon pages of Angie's poetry and lyrics and I have stacks upon stacks of drawings in various states of completion. I have also been blessed by Angie's encouragement and enthusiasm for my creative process and her gently guiding me to use more COLOR in my work. I can truly say with confidence that I am really enjoying the addition of these colors in my work. In closing, I feel safe to say that the overall images of my illustrations for this project has captured the spirit of the book and Angie’s poetry.”

Fancy Footwork is available online at CreateSpace and at Autographed copies are available from

Sergio Kardenas

'Cover photo for FANCY FOOTWORK, Sergio Kardenas is gifted with talent and astonishing good looks. Both as director, performer and photographer Sergio helped provide me with the graphics I needed for book covers and my own imaging. Sergio’s photography and recent artwork for book covers and Face Book illustration for the last 8 years has made me very happy and represented me in relationship to the things I find important. Thank you very much.' Angie Bowie