FFR UK Presents: Sigue Sigue Sputnik Feat Will Crewdson+ The Duel

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FFR UK PRESENTS is excited to unleash the indefinable glory of hi-tech sex and wanton rock ‘n’ roll when SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK ELECTRONIC and THE DUEL team up to send London and the night of Thursday, February 13th 2014 into an inescapable orbit. It is hard not to get tingles in the imagination and loins at the impending linking of two of the major influential forces of UK rock past and present at the equally individual Madame Jojo’s, and with lustful excitement already spilling over as anticipation heightens, this will be a gig no one dares missing.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

The history and presence of Sigue Sigue Sputnik is well documented and continues to inspire and influence a wealth of emerging bands decade after decade. From their classic anthem “Love Missile F1-11”, a track with such power and potency it led even David Bowie to covering it, and its successor “21st Century Boy” the band has been a phenomena unrivalled by most and doted on by legions more. The face and frontman of SSS, MARTIN DEGVILLE has equally been a presence and adventure within music since the early days of the band which has been never less than feverishly provocative and creatively evocative. Now the inimitable frontman is taking the original sexy SSS sound into the 21st century and new seductive realms with Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic, the project seeing Martin Degville alongside Johann Weidemann on keyboards reinventing the original songs of the band in a new electro sourced, cyber clad revelry which exhausts the passions and invigorates the imagination.

Will Crewdson

will crewdson

Designer violence and electro sculpted cyber punk has never sounded so good or twisted the passions as devilishly as will be experienced on the 14th, the night’s event bringing extra exciting intrigue with WILL CREWDSON, the renowned guitarist/writer/producer best known for his work with the Rachel Stamp, Johnette Napolitano, and Adam Ant as well as his solo project Scant Regard, and who has recently linked up with Flesh for Lulu, playing with the band.

The Duel

the duel new pic
As if the lure of the night is not tempting enough, one of Britain’s boldest and imaginative punk bands The Duel will be unleashing their intensive passionate fire aligned to a distinctive creative blaze which continues to see the band setting standards and pushing boundaries. With their fifth album “Waging War” looming ever nearer as a greedy anticipation brews its fever within fans and genre over its impending arrival, the London quintet’s inciting exploration of old school punk with modern confrontation and imagination is destined to be at its most ferocious and inventive in 2014.The FFR UK Presents night is not only an early rapacious assault from the band for the new year but is sure to be a moment in time which will brand and breed intense energy and inciting passion in all those who attend.
It is fair to say that Madame Jojo’s and all those within its fair walls on the night are going to be molested and antagonised, intrusively seduced and anthemically aroused by two of Britain’s legendary forces; one who has courted and ignited numerous generations and continues to do so with its irrepressible presence and creative flair and the other a band still forging that acclaimed status but as equally has sculpted a sound and stature which is sheer inspiration. Such the lure of the two bands it would not be a shock to see the Devil and his cohorts searing the walls and dancefloor on the night; that is if they can find room amongst the feverish throng of rapture fuelled attendees which is already building rabidity and intent to join the event. Dare you be left on the pavement with the horned one looking in from the outside with raging jealousy?
By Pete RingMaster

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