FFR UK Punk Reggae Night Oct 8th

London may not quite be burning yet, but it will be ablaze with passion and fiery sounds come Wednesday Oct 8th when FFR UK presents another of their inimitable Punk Reggae Nights.

8th Oct nwq

The Intrepid Fox is the venue for another of the Capital’s most hungrily devoured events, which continue to draw acclaim and passionate support. This night will be no different as feverish sounds and expression once again marks what will be one more night to go down in FFR UK’s and London’s music scene history.


The fire for the evening will be provided throughout by the compelling and essential sounds discovered and shared by DJ Segs. A legend of the punk rock, acid house, reggae scene and original bassist/co-songwriter of seminal punk band The Ruts, as well as one of the driving forces of the inspirational Ruts DC, Segs Jennings sculpts a musical canvas for audiences to give their bodies and passions to.

Also bringing their distinctive flames and live performances to the bonfire of revelry will be Gary Clail and The London SS.

gary 1

An English singer and record producer who was a successful part of On-U Sound Records from the late eighties and led Gary Clail's Tackhead Sound System before numerous solo releases, Gary formed the Gary Clail Sound System last year and is poised to release the highly anticipated album “Nail It To The Mast”, and there are sure to be teasers and more on the night for his new collaboration with DJ Libby Laws.


FFR UK also welcomes The London SS to the night. Formed in 1975 and in its time containing members who went on to form and play in the likes of The Damned, The Clash, Chelsea, and Generation X, The London SS was reformed in 2012 by original member Brady. They have come back with the same irrepressible attitude and energy, and already been banned by a certain London venue for the band name alone. They are punk rock and will certainly leave the crowd in exhausted bliss.

Hosted by Bart Barton as (The Spirit of Any Warhol) with plenty of surprises in store, October 8th promises to be one of the biggest thrills yet unleashed by FFRUK.

By Pete RingMaster.